The policies and procedures on this page apply to all students enrolled in General English, English for International Business Communication, English for Academic Purposes, Bridging English Program and ESP: TESOL.

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy and Procedure

This policy complies with the current ESOS/National Code 2018 legislation for Student Visa holders, in terms of recording students’ attendance, monitoring non-attendance and counselling students.

BE assessment student guide

BE Assessment Policy and Procedures: A guide for students

Application for Special Consideration for Exams

Use this form to apply for special consideration for your exams

BE Enquiry

Use this form to query your results.

Student Grievance Resolution

  • Complaints and appeals form
  • Student Grievance Resolution processes

Enrolment Policy and Procedure

This policy is in place to ensure that ICTE maintains fair and consistent enrolment practices. The Enrolment Policy and Procedure describes the terms and conditions that apply to enrolment at ICTE.

ICTE Student Charter

Student expectations and responsibilities

ICTE Student Misconduct policy

Procedures for possible cases of misconduct.

Refund policy

Policy and procedures for refunds of tuition, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) or airport transfer payments.

Unsatisfactory Academic Progress policy

Unsatisfactory academic progress by ELICOS Student Visa holders

'At Risk' Student Guide

Intervention process for ‘At Risk’ students

Admissions policy and procedure

Ensures that ICTE has appropriate Admission criteria including ensuring that each prospective student’s English language proficiency is appropriate for the course they have applied for.

Students Aged Under 18 Years policy and procedure

Ensures ICTE fulfils its responsibilities and obligations associated with The Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (the ESOS Act). 

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