The ICTE-UQ Attendance Policy requires all students to attend a minimum of 80% of classes during their course. A course is the total period of each enrolment as listed on your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE).

How is my attendance calculated?

  • Attendance is marked by your teacher at the beginning of every class.
  • There are 10 classes in the weekly timetable (20 hours total). Your attendance percentage is calculated by dividing the total class hours you have attended by the total number of class hoursheld to that date. For example: (42 classes x 2 hours per class attended) / (60 classes x 2 hours per class held) = 70% attendance.
  • If you arrive or leave a class for more than 10 minutes you will be marked absent for that class.
  • All absences from class, including absences due to illness, are counted as official absences.

What if I am sick?

  • If you are absent due to illness, please log into the ICTE portal, click the "Forms" button and complete the Absence Form. If you have evidence for your absence, attach this when you submit the form.
  • If you are going to be absent for more than 5 consecutive days, you must get approval from the Client Services Lead, otherwise ICTE-UQ will contact you to find out why you are absent.

What happens if my attendance is too low?

Please note: All attendance warning letters will be emailed to your UQ email. It is necessary for you to regularly check your UQ email, including the "Junk" and "Other" folders. It is also a requirement to ensure ICTE-UQ has your up-to-date personal contact details at all times.

  • If your attendance falls below 85%, ICTE-UQ will send you a First Warning Letter.
  • If your attendance falls below 82% you will receive a Second Warning Letter. Two weeks will be given between the first and second letters, unless you have less than 5 weeks remaining on your enrolment. You are required to make an appointment to speak with the Client Services Lead at this time.
  • If, as a Student Visa holder, your attendance still does not improve and it becomes impossible for you to achieve an 80% attendance by the end of your course (period of enrolment), even if you should attend all remaining classes, you may receive written notice from ICTE-UQ of our intention to report you to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).
  • After receiving written notice from ICTE-UQ of our intention to report you to DHA, you have 20 working days to make an appeal through the ICTE-UQ appeals process. Your attendance will continue to be monitored during this time. If you do not access the ICTE-UQ appeals processes, withdraw from the process or your appeal is rejected, you will be reported to DHA and will then have a further 28 days in which to report to a DHA office to explain your attendance record. If your appeal is rejected by ICTE-UQ, you have a further possibility of making an appeal through the Queensland Ombudsman (their details will be provided to you at the time of our notification to report you to DHA).

Please note:

ICTE-UQ may choose not to report a student to DHA where the student’s attendance is between 70% and 80% by the end of their course, and they have provided clear and documented evidence showing there is compelling and compassionate reasons for their absences. Such reasons would include serious illness or injury for a defined period, the death of a close family member, major political upheaval, a natural disaster or involvement in, witnessing or being the victim of a serious traumatic experience.

What happens to my attendance if I extend my enrolment?

If you apply to extend your enrolment at ICTE-UQ, a new attendance period will start from the re-enrolment period. You may not be eligible to re-enrol in further courses if your attendance rate is below 80%.

Do I receive a Certificate of Attendance?

At the end of a student's final enrolment with ICTE-UQ, students receive a Summary Certificatae and a Completion Certificate.  Students who have an overall attendance across all enrolments of less than 80% are ineligible to receive a Completion Certificate. 

Further information on certificates issues by ICTE are available as follows:

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