To be recognised as the most innovative and globally engaged international education and development centre of excellence in Australasia, known and respected for exceptional outcomes and exemplary customer service that align with UQ's strategic goals and those of our stakeholders.


To deliver innovative and high quality English language, teacher training, international development and continuing education programs and services to international students, clients and partners, which will help them achieve their academic, professional and personal goals.


  • Pursuit of excellence - we strive for excellence, seeking to apply the highest standards to benefit our communities.
  • Creativity and independent thinking - we welcome new ideas from our staff and students as well as from our alumni and our external partners.  We support intellectual freedom, courage and creativity.  We encourage the pursuit of innovation and opportunities.
  • Honesty and accountability - we act with integrity and professionalism and uphold the highest ethical standards.  We are committed to transparency and accountability.  Our decisions ensure responsible stewardship of the University's resources, reputation and values.  We lead by example in all areas including our approaches to sustainability.
  • Mutual respect and diversity  - we promote diversity in the University community - through our people, ideas and cultures.  We create a vibrant, inclusive environment in which ideas flourish and future generations, regardless of background are empowered.  We respect our colleagues and work together for shared success.
  • Supporting our people - UQ ensures the safety and wellbeing of our people.  We create an inclusive and supportive university community in which achievements are celebrated and rewarded.  Our people have the opportunity to enrich.