Conversation matesICTE Conversation Volunteers

ICTE Conversation Volunteers help international students improve their confidence and practice their listening and fluency in speaking English.

Conversation volunteers actively engage with students in conversations on a range of topics.  We have weekly face-to-face Conversation Club sessions as well as additional interactive activities and workshops that you can join.  Sessions are led by a ICTE team member and are designed to be fun and interactive.

You can also join our online platform, Vygo, to connect with ICTE Students at any time and support them in improving their English language skills.  

Conversation Volunteers receive an induction and on-going support from ICTE.  

UQ Employability Award participants

If you are participating in the UQ Employability Award program, your volunteer hours will count toward your record.

Games mates Who should volunteer?

UQ students who are passionate about helping others and interested in learning about other cultures and social interests. You could be any age with a background in any area of study or employment.


  • learn more about other cultures, and it will help you become a sought-after and more effective graduate
  • add experience to your CV
  • gain greater awareness of your own culture
  • increase awareness of how to effectively communicate when there is a barrier to communication
  • encourage and support members within small groups
  • enhance your relations with student experiences
  • make lasting friendships.

Are you eligible?

To join the ICTE’s Conversation Volunteers program, you must:

  • have a good level of spoken and written English
  • can speak and write English without grammatical errors
  • be at least 18 years old at the start of your participation in the Program.
  • be a current or recently graduated UQ student

How to join

Sign-up online