Conversation mates ICTE-UQ offers a range of programs to assist international students with learning English. We are seeking Australian conversationalist volunteers to help international students improve their confidence and practice their listening and fluency in speaking English. The sessions are led by an ICTE-UQ team member and are designed to be fun and interactive.

There are two types of volunteer programs:

  1. ICTE-UQ Conversation Mates: volunteers actively engage with students in conversations on a range of topics. Sessions are fast paced with regular swapping of partners within the hour session.
  2. ICTE-UQ Games Mates: volunteers play a choice of games, including cards or board games with students and engage in conversations with a group of students.

Each session is held once a week for 1 hour in the Sir Llew Edwards Building (Bldg 14). See the sign up form for the individual dates of the sessions.

UQ Advantage Award participants

If you are participating in the UQ Advantage Award program, you will gain points in the Global and Cultural Engagement Secondary Category.

Games mates Who should volunteer?

UQ students who are passionate about helping others and interested in learning about other cultures and social interests.  You could be any age with a background in any area of study or employment.


  • learn more about other cultures, and it will help you become a sought-after and more effective graduate
  • add experience to your CV
  • gain greater awareness of your own culture
  • increase awareness of how to effectively communicate when there is a barrier to communication
  • encourage and support members within small groups
  • enhance your relations to student experiences
  • make lasting friendships.

Are you  eligible?

To join the ICTE-UQ's Mates program you must:

  • have a GPA of 4.0 and achieved at least 4.0 in the previous semester
  • have completed at least one semester at UQ (full time or equivalent)
  • be at least 18 years old at the start of your participation in the Program
  • have good spoken and written English

How to join

Sign-up online