Elena's journey from Spain to Brisbane and UQ-ICTE

Elena is a student at UQ-ICTE blogging about her experience living and studying in Brisbane at UQ-ICTE so other students can see what it is like.  Elena came to us under a scholarship from Study Queensland.


One of my favourite poems starts with the following words:


“As you set out for Ithaka
hope the voyage is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery.”

- Cavafy

This words are such an inspiration to me. I feel my life is a journey, a journey in which I need to explore different countries and cultures in order to learn more about myself and everything that surrounds me. That’s why I decided to improve my English in Australia.

I came to Brisbane right after finishing my Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry in Seville, Spain. I really love science but I needed a break afterwards. That’s why I applied for a scholarship from Study Queensland (Queensland Government) and ICTE-UQ… And I got it!

And now that I am living in this Australian state I am really enjoying its weather, its nature and its kind people.

However, what I really like most from Brisbane, and I am not kidding, is UQ-ICTE. I love coming every day to St Lucia’s campus, it is so beautiful! Especially for attending my English course at UQ-ICTE, Advanced English Communication Skills (AECS), that makes me wake up so early each morning full of energy and positivity.

My teachers are engaged and approachable; my classmates are from seven different countries and are really interesting and unique; and the topics we talk about are updated, dynamic and completely suitable for learning every day.

students on top floor of ICTE-UQ building with a view of UQ in the background
Elena (back), teachers and classmates on the top floor of the UQ-ICTE building

I couldn’t be happier here. The experience is better than expected and just four weeks after my arrival here I already want to be part of Queensland!

Besides, I am learning everything I need to accomplish my goal when I go back to Spain. My country needs many changes in its education system, and the strategies and knowledge that I am acquiring here could help me be the change Spain needs for teaching English.

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Last updated:
14 September 2018