New expanded Bridging English Program starting November

The Bridging English Program (BEP) is an English language pathway delivered at ICTE-UQ for entry into undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including Study Abroad, at The University of Queensland (UQ).

BEP is changing

BEP is being expanded to multiple entry points rather than the current BEP I and BEP II.  These changes will provide students the best opportunity to succeed in progressing on to their chosen study program at UQ.

When will it change?

Starting from 14 November 2016 the new format of the BEP with 25 weeks (BEP25) will be available for students wishing to commence UQ studies in Semester 2, 2017.

What are the features of the new BEP?

  • new multiple entry points, which depend on the student's level of English
  • revised entry scores in approved English language tests, allowing students with lower IELTS scores to attend the expanded program
  • revised program dates to coincide with the UQ semester entries
  • flexible study options to students
  • one-on-one consultation sessions with teachers every 5 weeks
  • progress tracking of students to ensure they are on target to meet their English language goals.

Apply now for 2017

Taking enrolments now for the Bridging English Program Session 9 (Monday 14 November) for UQ commencement, semester 2, 2017.

Last updated:
22 November 2016