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Elena is a student at UQ-ICTE blogging about her experience living and studying in Brisbane so other students can see what it's like. Elena came to us under a scholarship from Study Queensland. This is Elena's second blog for ICTE-UQ.

What I like the most about studying English at UQ-ICTE is the family my teachers and classmates form.

My mates are from eight different nationalities: Japanese, Colombian, Chilean, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian and Saudi Arabian. We are studying AECS (Advance English Communication Skills), a course that in summary means speaking, speaking and more speaking. So there is no better way to improve our English!

On the one hand, our teachers are really approachable and engaged with our learning process. They know how to explain each term or grammar rule so each student understands it, regardless of the student’s mother tongue. They even know which kind of mistakes people make according to their nationality. And besides, they always have a bunch of really useful examples to make sure we get every explanation.

Caption: Elena (middle) with her ICTE-UQ teacher Jess Florent (middle) and her classmate Haruka Nishii

In addition, I love the dynamics of the lessons. My teachers have different entertaining activities to help us remember the vocabulary we have learnt the previous days. In Spain, I have never been taught like this. Once you see the new vocabulary for the first time, it is your responsibility to study it on your own. But here we learn in a really practical way. All the everyday vocabulary that I acquire in class every morning I can incorporate it immediately into my conversations with my friends and housemates.

On the other hand, the role of us as classmates is really important. Our lessons don’t just consist of paying attention and doing exercises. Here, we all collaborate sharing our opinions about interesting topics, helping each other to use the expressions that we have learnt that week. And also we debate in class about grammar doubts that come naturally to our minds during the speaking time (which is all the class –and that’s great).

Aside from this, after classes, I voluntarily joined a project for UQ-ICTE in which I had to film my experience studying here. I joined it because getting involved in several activities after class is a great method to continue improving my English and meeting new people. And I really enjoyed it. We focused on pronunciation, how to stress the words and how to use body language – skills that we tend to forget when learning a foreign language. But actually, they are very important. I am sure all the participants improved our fluency and confidence in English thanks to filming this videos that will be released for promoting UQ-ICTE.

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Last updated:
14 September 2018