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Elena is an English language student at ICTE blogging about her experience living and studying in Brisbane so other students can see what it's like. Elena came to us under a scholarship from Study Queensland. This is Elena's third blog for ICTE.

It’s been already three sessions since I came to ICTE. Almost five months since I arrived in Australia. I know this may be little time for many of the students that share ICTE’s hallways with me every day, but in these months I have learnt so much.

First of all, I have acquired English not as my second language, but as part of me. It is true that I don’t talk like a native – maybe you’d need years for that, but what I have realised is that my mind works in English and that most of the times the first words that come out of my mouth tend to be in English rather than in Spanish. I love to feel like this!

This has been in great part thanks to the courses I have taken in ICTE.

Caption: Elena (Left) with one of her classmates

I started my studies in ICTE last October taking two sessions of AECS, in which I opened my mind to a new range of vocabulary and I rebuilt my confidence in speaking.

And then, I’ve had two sessions of TESOL, where I’ve found new skills that I didn’t know that I had. Now I feel even more positive and motivated about learning English! This language is not a means to get a better job or career points anymore; English has become a tool to understand the world while discovering every culture!

Thanks to learning English at ICTE I have learnt how Japanese society works; how Colombians and Chileans are very close to Spanish people, and yet interestingly different; and how to monitor a class in which everyone has a different background and learning style. What’s more, my learning experience here hasn’t been focused just on English, I have even learnt some Japanese from my classmates in our free time, and I have taught them Spanish as well!

This way of learning English while interacting with other cultures has made me improve many other aspects of myself at the same time that I have discovered how people from all over the world really love me as I am. And this has made me be a better person and I am sure that it will make me be in my career a better professional as well.

In summary, because of all of the experiences mentioned above, my life in Australia couldn’t have been as rewarding in another school. My experience in ICTE will travel overseas to Spain and I am sure I will continue learning from it for many years as here you don’t study a simple course, you learn about life completely in English! And as you love your routine here, you start to love English as well.

I feel really grateful for this opportunity, thank you so much ICTE!

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Last updated:
15 January 2020