Eve's ICTE-UQ experience

Bridging English (BE) Program  student Eve, from Taiwan, explains why she chose to come to Australia and ICTE-UQ to improve her English language skills.

After I finished my bachelor degree in Taiwan, I joined one of the leading IT service companies with a presence in four countries. I am responsible for sales and project management to maintain customer relationships. 

Although I have a well-paid job and easy life in my hometown, I still decide to step out in order to reach new height. After considering many universities, I decided to apply for master of business at The University of Queensland. I chose this major as it is not only high reputation, but also flexible across different fields, my major will be innovation and entrepreneurship combined with information system, which is related to my work experience and able to equip myself for a new field.

After I got the offer for ICTE, I only got few months to prepare for the IELTS, and worked at the same time. It was a hard time, I was so lucky to pass and enter the Bridging English Program. As a result, my life in Australia began!

Caption: Eve with her classmates from ICTE on the UQ campus

It has been almost 6 month since I came here. It is so worth it to quit the job and come here, I finally found a life that I expected before, and start planning the future. Every day I wake up with hope and feel excited about what will happen.

The Bridging English Program is very helpful; teachers are very passionate and patient. For example, teachers lead students to think and practice, instead of cram vocabulary and grammar in students' brain. We learn English without stress; we laugh at class and feel joyful.

On the other hand, living with homestay is also a great way to practice English and know more about local culture. I stay with lovely homestay parents and housemates; one girl from Korea the other from Japan. We have great time together; we share our daily life in school or funny stories of our travels in dinner time. It is such a good experience to have deep conversation with people from various countries, it helps me to know more about this world.

I also made friends from different nationalities at school; we joined balls, clubs, and events, and also travelled around. I had join dance club, sailed in the storm, camped on Moreton Island, lay on the beach and saw the whole sky of shining stars, swam with sea turtles, snorkelled in Great Barrier Reef, saw fireworks around the Brisbane river, and visited Gold Cost shopping center. The most important, I pass the English requirement before the class ends. It is really natural and no pain, it is actually learning by playing.

The life here is totally different between the past days in Taiwan. I am happier and healthier! Feel peaceful and grateful. I believe I chose the best city and university which suited me the most. My journey continues…

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Last updated:
4 September 2019