Five weeks at ICTE

Recently, we welcomed the winner of the Brisbane-Kobe Sister City scholarship program, Tsutomu Ichimizu. Tsutomu studied English here at ICTE for five weeks and then undertook an internship at Brisbane City Council. Tsutomu blogged about his time studying and living in Brisbane. 

Week one

Hello, I’m Tsutomu Ichimizu from Kobe in Japan. I’m majoring in pharmaceuticals in Kobe Gakuin University with the aim of becoming a medical representative in a company. 

I have met a lot of people from all over the world with different backgrounds in class, and they inspired me to study English harder. I’m happy to talk to a lot of people from various countries here because they give me a new point of view.

I joined "English Conversation Club" and "Aussie Culture Night". They taught me Aussie slang phrases and how to dance “Bush Dance”. I made some new friends there.

Week two

I went to the Market Day this Wednesday, and I became a member of the magic association. Actually, I'm also a member of the magic club in my university in Japan, so I'm happy to communicate with foreign people through magic. I did Judo as a trial member in Judo club on Thursday. Three years have passed since I retired from Judo, so I really enjoyed it and I was terribly tired.

I took part in the international friendship night. We played some “ice breaker games”, divided into several groups and we sang a few songs in many languages like English, Japanese and Spanish. Some languages were a first for me, so it was little difficult for me to sing.

Week three

I visited Gold Coast last Saturday with some new friends who I met in ICTE and at church, and I met several friends for the first time. At first, I went to Skypoint. The view from Skypoint is very beautiful and I saw everywhere in the city. Then, we went to the beach and we swam in the sea and did beach volleyball.

Last Sunday, I went to the theme park called “Dream World” with some classmates. There were a lot of attractions, and we rode thrill rides a lot.

Tsutomu (back centre) with friends at Gold Coast's Skypoint

I went to the theatre in the university and watched “Your Name”. It is a Japanese famous animation movie and I watched it before in Japan, so I had thought I could understand it easily. However, when the movie started, they spoke Japanese and there was English subtitles. It was easy to understand.

Weeks four and five

I had the chance to visit a chemist and the Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE). I am majoring in pharmacy in Japan, so it is a valuable experience for me to compare the chemists in Australia to in Japan. They have some similarities and some differences. The biggest difference between Australia and Japan is whether pharmacists can do vaccinations or not. I am happy to learn the differences and these experiences inspire me to study harder when I go back to Japan.

Tsutomu and pharmacist Jenny Nguyen at the HealthSave Norman Park Chemist

I worked as an intern for Brisbane City Council for five days. I attended meetings about 10 times and I met a lot of special people who I can't meet normally. I listened to “real business English” there. This experience inspired me to study English harder. I had the opportunity to meet Councillor for Holland Park and Chair for the Finance Committee, Krista Adams. 

Cr Krista Adams and Tsutomu at Brisbane City Hall

Tsutomu's accommodation during his studies was provided by Atira Student Living

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Last updated:
17 February 2020