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ICTE-UQ English language student Gisela, from Mexico, is currently studying at ICTE-UQ for 30-weeks. Join us in following Gisela’s journey in Brisbane over the coming weeks and see how you too can also enjoy what ICTE-UQ has to offer. 

Hi, my name is Gisela. I am in Brisbane to study English in ICTE-UQ. Something exciting is that my husband is here too. We are enjoying this experience together.

I have been in this amazing city for four weeks studying English in ICTE-UQ. Brisbane is a multicultural city that allows foreign students to learn English not only with native people but also with people from all over the world, especially in ICTE-UQ. You can meet people from Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Colombia, etc. This diversity in cultures is an advantage because as a result you can learn different English-speaking accents. Besides this, it is easy to adapt yourself to the Australian lifestyle.

For me, public transport is very useful, tidy and comfortable. During the morning and the afternoon, public transport helps me to go from one point to another.

During this short time, I have enjoyed Brisbane city, exploring different places throughout the city. I went to South Bank, where the artificial beach is located, and in this parkland, you can spend your time swimming in the beach or you can sit in a quiet place and see the spectacular view of the city while the sun sets. I did the second one and it was fantastic. Besides this, I visited to Queensland Museum and Science Centre, which is a museum near South Bank, and I saw interesting exhibitions of Australian animals, plants, fossils, etc. As well as this, when I was walking through the city to catch my train, I found shopping centres over Queen Street and Anzac Memorial monument over Adelaide Street. For me, Brisbane is a small city, but it can give you awesome surprises.

For more information on studying English at ICTE-UQ, please visit https://icte.uq.edu.au/study 

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Last updated:
13 April 2018