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Recently, we welcomed the winner of the Brisbane-Kaohsiung Sister City scholarship program to ICTE-UQ, Kuan-Chung Huang. Kuan-Chung, from Taiwan, studied English for Academic Purposes for five weeks at ICTE-UQ and undertook an internship at Brisbane City Council. Kuan-Chung writes about his accommodation, transport in Brisbane and his local area. 

My accommodation

Within this six-week program, I stayed at Atira Student Living, which was included in my scholarship. This was definitely the best apartment I had ever lived in. This was Bonnie, she was a friendly dog, and she took care of every student living at the apartment. As the mascot of Atira, she brought each one of us great peace and good luck. Don’t forget to give her a hug when meeting her .

This was the view from my room. 

My room contained everything I needed, including the kitchen, the refrigerator, the bathroom and a comfortable bed, all of which were fantastic.

Weather in Brisbane in winter is not humid as that in Taiwan. Hence, sometimes I only had to hang my clothes in my room to dry. Everything dries easily. Despite the fact that it was winter when I was in Brisbane, it was just like summer in the afternoon as the temperature changed a lot. This is the season that Australians will go out and play. I think I chose the right season!


Transportation in Brisbane was very convenient, especially in my location. As soon as I arrived in Australia, I went to a 7-11 store and bought the “Go Card” which can be used on the bus, train and ferry.

In Australia, there were much fewer scooters on the street, which was very different from Taiwan. As a result, I did not experience air pollution here, and the streets were not as dangerous as that in Taiwan. Fortunately, the drivers I met, always gave me the way, which was very nice. Some buses here have their own busways, which means that they do not have to go on the road with cars. Therefore, it is safer and efficient. I thought the system of bus station here was similar to the system of the MRT (subway) station in Taiwan. The electric timetable was accurate, however, passengers have to count their own stops by themselves; the bus or the drivers don’t announce “the next stop is …”

Ferry, or called “City Cat,” was one way of public transport options here. For me, it was really cool.I could not believe that I had opportunities to take the ferry to school. This was a really special experience.

Trains here were almost the same of those in Taiwan. There was only a small difference. Passengers push the button to open the door. I remembered the first time I stood still to wait for the door open by itself…which was funny and embarrassing.

Things to do in my area

My apartment was located in South Brisbane near South Bank, so it was my first place to visit. It is a big park with various views and entertainment. I believe South Bank can satisfy people among all ages. The Wheel of Brisbane was always beautiful, which I think has attracted many visitors to come. I have not tried it…because I am little afraid of heights.

Every time I came here, I could not help but stop and enjoy this view (below). On weekends, South Bank would be full of people and many street performers as well. If I wanted to take photos of all aspects of this parkland, it would take me a day, so most times I just seized opportunities to enjoy with my eyes.

UQ activities and sightseeing

My friend and I joined the welcome party of the dancing club, the name of which was Street Groove Dance. In fact, I was also a member of a dancing club in high school and university. Communicating with UQ students by dancing was great. Here, I viewed dancing as my second international language.

Lone Pine had always been on my list of must-see. It took me about one hour to get there, but I could not wait to see the treasures of Australia. 

I would strongly recommend this tourist spot because of the beautiful environment and fascinating activities prepared by Lone Pine. ICTE-UQ students could buy a cheaper ticket from the activities desk. I only pay 20 dollars and I enjoyed the day very much. Also, listening to the trainers’ explanation also sharpened my listening skills. 

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Last updated:
16 May 2018