End of the year reflections - my Homestay family

Japanese students Yoshi and Haruka reflect on their nine months spent at UQ learning English, studying at UQ and their adventures as they explore Australia.

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My important people in Australia 

Since I came here, I could meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends from different countries. Every time I meet new people is fresh and gives me a lot of unfamiliar knowledge. To think about my closest relationship, I absolutely come up with my host family.

There are four of them in their family: father, mother, their son and daughter. My host father often tells me a lot of about Australia which I did not know.  Also, he likes telling a joke. I can gradually understand his talk, so now it is my turn to tell a joke and make him laugh.

My host mother is a very nice person. Her cooking is so delicious, especially I like her banana cake. I think she takes care of me more than my real mother because she recognizes my feeling sensitive when I do not feel good.

My host brother is nine years old. He is so handsome and so smart. His way of thinking is always beyond my thoughts, which surprises me. Actually, I have two brothers in Japan. I want them to be like him. 

My host sister is six years old. In contrast to her brother, she is a very active and emotional person. She often asks me to play together, especially she likes playing a card game with me. Also, she likes drawing, dancing and singing. I have never had a sister, so she is like my real little sister.

My host family really likes watching movies, so I have watched many movies since I came here. In addition, they take me out to experience new things for me. I learned a lot of things from this family. They are very kind to me.

They are my English teachers and my second family. One of the reasons I came Australia is I could meet them. 

Saturday, 2 September 2017

People who I met in Australia

There are less than four months for me in Australia. During last five months, I have met a lot of people.
The people who supported me the most are my host family. There are five people in this family; Philip, Michel, Rebecca, Sophie and Zachery.
Philip is the grandfather and he always joking and is a really funny person. He makes me laugh every day.
Michel is the best cook in Australia. The dishes she makes is so brilliant that I am going to be fat. Rebecca is a very busy woman. She is a mother of two children and school teacher and runs a kindergarten. She is really kind, whenever I make mistake, she doesn’t get angry and forgives me.
Sophie and Zachery are seven and five years old respectively. They are so funny children and they sometimes play with me. Sophie is a really mature child, and she speaks like a madam. She sometimes cooks breakfast for me. Zac is very good at soccer. He always kicks a ball in the house.
Everyone is so kind, so I think I am the happiest girl. A Hong Kong girl and Korean girl who were in this house are also really nice people. I heard two American girls are going to come this home in next month. I am a little bit afraid because they can speak English so well, but cannot wait for the next housemates to come!
Saturday, 26 August 2017

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