My improvement through ICTE activities

I have been in Brisbane for almost two months. Each week, I look forward to taking part in all kinds of activities at ICTE. I think my English has improved a lot from these activities.

ICTE Chorus at Christmas their performance for Homestay Families

The first day I started school, the chorus attracted me the most. I am a big fan of the American TV series Glee. I always imagined I could sing like that. With limited experience, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and have a try. My teacher Vicky was so nice. She knew we were nervous. She helped us get rid of feeling shy and get ready to sing. In December, we sang some Christmas carols, such as Joy To The World and Feliz Navidad. Every Monday, I can’t wait to take part in the chorus and sing with my classmates. Singing in front of other people really boosts my confidence.

Christmas treats from cooking class including pavlova

Cooking class in November also impressed me. In that activity, we cooked a traditional Australian Christmas treat, Pavlova. We worked in groups, and there was lots of fun and laughter. This was the first time I read English cooking recipes. I was grateful that one of our group members was experienced in using a blender. Otherwise, we might have made a mess. And at the end of the class, we tasted them together. I was so delighted when people said our Pavlova looked the best.

Another activity that helps me improve my English is Conversation Club. I go almost every week. Emily and the other volunteers are so nice, friendly and always willing to explain new terms to us. 

At first, I was a little bit fearful of talking to native speakers. I was worried about my vocabulary, tense and grammar. As a result, I could not express myself well. After taking part in the Conversation Club several times, I found people cared more about getting the meaning across instead of their errors. I started not to be afraid of talking to local people.
My English has improved a lot since I have come to ICTE. I think classes have helped me in my academic aspects, while the activities have made me more involved with living in Australia.

Yunting Li | Chinese Bridging English Program student

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Last updated:
17 February 2020