This experience is the “best one in my life so far”

My name is Viviana and I am from Colombia. In Colombia I was working as an Industrial Engineer for four years. I came to Australia to improve my English skills so that I can build my academic and professional career.

I found out about UQ-ICTE through an Agent in Bogota. I soon figured out that I really wanted to study here because it was the correct place for me. The course design, the quality of teachers, the facilities, the diversity and the chance to practice extra academic activities.

The design of the courses reaches high standards in academic preparation, the teachers respond in the correct way according to the needs of the students depending on their level. They encourage the students during the learning process, providing adequate material for facilitating the accomplishment of the goals and creating a confident and respectful environment in class.

I really enjoy the activities in class. Teachers make a big effort to keep our attention and interest. They are very creative and smart in using different strategies, such as games, songs, role plays, videos, interaction with other classes, projects, etc. As a student, you do not think that studying English is an obligation because you feel that you can have fun during the journey of learning.

The most important goal that I reached was my IELTS score which was 7.5 overall. I plan to use this for a scholarship application in the coming months. I would like to study a master’s degree in project management. In addition, the courses gave me the ability to interact in casual, academic and business environments in English with native speakers.

The facilities at UQ-ICTE are pretty useful if you want to take advantage of doing your best in English language proficiency. The Learning Centre has plenty of books and magazines to help you during your learning process.

I highly recommend the extra UQ-ICTE activities and there is quite a variety. From sports to music, from religious to environmental activities. In my case, I particularly enjoyed the ICTE Chorus (choir). I was singing with the ICTE chorus during the eight months and it was so helpful for improving my pronunciation and listening skills and for making new friends. The performances outside UQ-ICTE were a chance to meet people and to discover more about Brisbane and its population.

ICTE Chorus Testimonial Package from UQ Communication & Arts on Vimeo.

The UQ campus is unbelievably wonderful. I love the landscapes, the lake and surroundings, the sporting facilities (the Olympic swimming pool is the best), the libraries, the classrooms and the other useful places you can find (food court, banks, Wednesday market etc.).

It is definitely better to study at a university campus. It is better compared to colleges or small buildings. You get access to the whole university and have the same benefits as other university students, such as libraries, medical and psychological support, and job orientation. 

This experience has been the best one in my life so far. Living in Australia has taught me lots of things. It does not mean just learning a language, it is more than that: The cultural interchange, the social diversity, the environment, the safety, the chance to try different food and to meet lots of people from different cultural backgrounds.

This experience means changing our perspective and being open to lots of possibilities, whatever can happen. Even the most difficult dream, just as it is necessary to ‘believe’, to be focused and to keep going. Living in Australia is a good opportunity for understanding yourself better and for thinking about your desires, priorities and fears.


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Last updated:
9 August 2018