IDLTM opens up a world of possibilities in the English language teaching industry

The International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM) program is transforming the careers of  language teaching professionals.

Three professionals from the ELT industry recently undertook the IDLTM program  at The University of Queensland’s Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE). After completing the first component of the program they gave their unique perspective on ICTE’s  IDLTM program. 

Liam Tyrrell
Head of Teaching & Learning at English Studio (Dublin)

Liam Tyrrell and Tenille Sanio

“I came from a pharmaceutical background into English Language Teaching (ELT) in 2014. I worked as a teacher in Dublin until 2016 at which point I transitioned to a management role. Presently I am Head of Teaching & Learning at a private language school in Dublin responsible for quality course design and academic management of 35 teachers and 700 students.

I liked the opportunity to interact with and develop a community of practice with like-minded people from various contexts. Also, the opportunity to learn from experienced and knowledgeable industry specialists and to get insights that are not normally freely available.

What I found most valuable about the program content was that it could be easily applied to my context and my immediate professional needs. It was also helpful how it was packaged into the things I need to know in my role that can be further explained in the online component.

When I return to work I hope to develop a set of processes for myself that allow me to feel confident and competent across all aspects of our business. As a teacher, the academic component comes easy to me. It is dealing with the other, equally important, branches of the business and recognising the value they bring that is challenging for me.

IDLTM is about setting a high standard and trying to achieve more. It is what we want for our students and also it is what we should demand of ourselves.

When you follow training on a university campus you are instantly steeped in a culture of learning and discovery, which open you up to hearing and absorbing new ideas.”

Paula Castro
English Teacher / Academic Assistant at English Studio (Dublin)

Paula Castro

“I am originally from Brazil but have been living in Dublin, Ireland, for the last 4 years. I have been a teacher for 8 years and took and administrative role in my school over 3 years ago. I do many things, such as placements, timetabling, teacher training and managing numbers in classrooms.

I really like the face-to-face element of the IDLTM program as it enables you to network and exchange experiences first hand. Also, the topics are relevant to my context and I’ll be able to apply the things learned here into my job.

The most valuable thing about the program content was that it is all practical. Everything you learn you will be able to apply to your workplace in a practical way, so the assignments and tasks do not have an end in themselves; you will be able to use those ideas.

I do not have much experience in management so I hope the IDLTM will help me bridge this gap. I want to earn managerial positions in Dublin and around the world, going up the ladder but not forgetting my teaching background. Being a true leader rather than a simple “boss” is my ultimate goal.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a unique program. I had never imagined I would be doing this in my life and it makes me really excited about the future.

All my life I have enjoyed the school atmosphere – the collaboration, friendship, resilience and power that comes with it – and I feel that this as maximised on a university campus. The sense of community is amazing and I love being surrounded by people who work hard on bettering and empowering themselves.”

Tenille Sanio
Academic Assistant at New Zealand Language Centres (Auckland)

Tenille Sanio

“I started in the English as a Second Language (ESL) industry in 2014 while living in Germany. From that point I gained experience in teaching the broad range of courses available, from General English and exams to business and young learners. Throughout this time, I have continued to develop my skills as a teacher by involving myself in professional development and completing CELTA. I am now working as the Academic Assistant at New Zealand Language Centres which has been an interesting and enjoyable shift towards the management side of Learning and Teaching Organisation (LTO). 

During the IDLTM program I really enjoyed the practical tasks that we were given and learning from the professional experience of the tutors and fellow classmates. Relating and evaluating the context in connection to my own LTO has been most valuable because in doing this it has become practical.

In doing this program I hoped to have a better overall understanding of the running of an LTO, as well as the role of a manager and how to carry out this role in an effective and successful way.

My goal is to continue developing my skills and experience so I can move towards academic management and professional leadership.

The face-to-face element of the program was content heavy but a great overview of what it to come in the online modules. The assignments are going to be a fantastic way to consolidate this knowledge with practical use in my LTO.

The benefits of following this program on a university campus have been the reputation of the university and the abundance of resources and facilities.”

About the IDLTM program

IDLTM is a six-month, 325-hour course.  It begins with 5 days of face-to-face teaching, with the remainder of the course taught in a flexible delivery mode over a 6-month period concluding with a 6-day online capstone . 

The ICTE IDLTM program is a NEAS quality assurance premium endorsed product.

Are you interested in following the IDLTM program?

Future programs will be held in Sydney in May 2019 and Melbourne in September 2019. 

Last updated:
16 June 2021