Why ICTE is Saki’s preferred English language school

I have totally enjoyed studying English at the Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE) because the Institute has a lot of attractive activities for students who want to learn English. I have made lots friends from all over the world through classes and activities. For example, students can join a conversation club and speak with UQ students, cooking classes, free sports and the ICTE Chorus. The ICTE Chorus practices singing with wonderful teachers and friends!

ICTE provides a lot of opportunities for students to use English and improve their English skills and this is a one of the reasons why I chose ICTE as my preferred language school.

I think only taking a class will not lead to accelerated learning of the English language. Moreover, ICTE has a variety of courses from General English to Business English, so I can change my English category and learn a wide range of skills, not just academic English.

I think the teachers who work for ICTE are highly skilled, kind and close to students. During the class, I can be an active student, raise my hand and ask questions. I can give my opinion - thanks to the great atmosphere the teachers create. The teachers always work with us and students are not passive in class.

I love music and singing and the ICTE Chorus was much better than I first expected. The teacher often gives us a wonderful chance to perform in front of people so I could experience a great deal as a member of ICTE Chorus. For example, I have had the opportunity to perform at the UQ kindergarten, at some events at UQ, on the ABC radio, on the stage at the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane city and so on. The more we practice for performances, the stronger our unity becomes. I love the teachers and my friends in this chorus.

I was able to learn idioms and new vocabularies by practicing songs. When we learn new songs, the teacher teaches us some words with actions and expression, so we can easily understand the meaning of words. Moreover, I could learn how to speak connecting words. The teacher sometimes corrects our pronunciation, so I can understand what word is difficult to pronounce and what word I pronounced incorrectly.

Saki (bottom left) with some members of the ICTE Chorus

Performing with the ICTE Chorus at the children’s hospital was an amazing experience. I have never visited a children’s hospital in Japan, so I was excited to sing for children. We could make children smile and some children cheerfully sang together. Their smiles made me very happy. Furthermore, we sang on the children’s hospital radio so I hope that children who listened to our singing on the radio felt happy and were able to sing together.

I highly recommend studying English at ICTE, because I could learn a lot more than I had expected and could experience things which I did not imagine in the chorus. I think the facilities for studying English at ICTE like libraries and classrooms are so great. Also, teachers are always dedicated. Students can use different methods to improve their English skills.

I am really glad that I came to ICTE to study English.

Last updated:
22 October 2018