Mai's reflections on her experience in Australia

From Kansai University to Australia, ICTE student Mai created a bucket list of all the things she wanted to achieve during her stay in Australia. Mai writes about her experiences in Australia with a blog titled: 'my reflection and what I achieved from my bucket list' 
1. Be a native speaker I'm not sure how native speakers see my Engish, but as long as I believe, I'm happy to say that I am very close to it! :)
2. Make as many friends as I can From both ICTE and UQ, I got many friends from all over the world. I hope I will see them again!
3. Get the maximum credits from the university Not known yet, I'm hoping that I do though!
4. Get along with host family more As time went on, I realized in many situations that I was a part of their family. I'm gonna miss them for sure :(
5. Make lots of memories with the host family  They took me camping, shopping, walking, picnic, tramping and so on. My uncountable memories with them will never be forgotten in my life.
6. And same as with friends I went to lots of places with my friends, I cannot pick any specific ones as it's way too much!
7. Hold a koala in my arms and take pictures Here we go! (see picture below)
8. Find oz wild animals I saw the wild kangaroos, dolphins and sea turtles. Of course, I saw possums and Aussie birds like every day...
9. Visit Uluru / Ayers Rock I really wish I could, but unfortunately, time and money didn't allow me to :\  
10. Scuba dive at Great Barrier Reef I didn't scuba dive, but I DID snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef near Green Island!  It was more than amazing.
11. Eat fish n chips at the beach I had such yummy fish n chips at the beach :) (well, a couple of times)
12. Be well tanned with the sun I'm sure I got tanned since coming here, but I'm not satisfied yet. Will see how it goes in this 10 days?
13. Swim at Moreton Island I couldn't get any chance to visit the Moreton, BUT I will go when I come back here in the future!!  
14. Learn oz slang - as many as I can It was fun learning slang from the host family, teacher or friends! 
15. Work out regularly and lose weight I'm sorry but NO COMMENT :) :) :)  
16. Go to many markets and eat Oh my goodness I've been to so many markets. Milton, West End, Southbank, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns!
17. Watch many movies I really enjoyed movies in both cinema and home! I particularly loved the Bohemian Rhapsody, I still cannot help singing wherever I go!
18. Travel a lot You won't believe how much I've done in 8 months! I went to New Zealand and New Caledonia as overseas, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Byron Bay (twice), Gold Coast (a lot), Sunshine Coast and Straddie (twice)...
19. Let my family visit Australia  I really wanted them to come here but things are not always with me, they were too busy to make it. I will do my best to take them one day!  
20. Leave no regrets here  I tried to do everything once so I don't have any regrets at the moment! To be honest, I wish I could extend my visa and stay longer though. (so that I could see a surfing Santa?)
How were my achievements on the bucket list everyone? I am pretty happy with what I have done til now. Well, now I am summing up the time I spent in Brisbane.

It's easy enough to say that my English has improved, yes, but not just that. I can confidently say that I'm not who I used to be and I learned so many important things in life.

Such as that language (Engllish in my case) is just one of the tools to connect people with one another, how people can help each other even from different nationalities, the importance of communication in life and much more to come. And I appreciate all the people who are in the story of my life in Australia, because every one of you made my year the greatest.

I'm sad to announce that this blog is the very final one to be published, but I hope to see you again somewhere soon.

Thank you for reading!


Last updated:
17 December 2018