Reflections on CELTA English teacher training

I was born in Tehran and raised in Germany. Farsi and German are both (seen) as my native languages. In 2009, destiny led me to Australia where I first enjoyed the country as a backpacker and after one year found myself studying a Bachelor of Psychology as an international student.

Before undertaking the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) course at ICTE in 2019, I worked in the field of psychology with young people, helping tutor indigenous psychology students at James Cook University.

During CELTA I could not have asked for better teachers. All three trainers were professional, highly skilled, presented integrity, and provided continuous support throughout the course. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to be taught by all three.

The course content was well balanced mix of theory and practice. Half of the day was dedicated to input sessions, learning skills, techniques and methodologies and the rest of the day focused on teaching practice where we had the opportunity to teach students from pre and upper intermediate levels and apply our skills.

Class exercises were insightful, well explained, enjoyable and very interactive (group work). Homework consists of developing/preparing lesson plans, assignments, further readings, reflecting on previous input lessons and/or lesson (teaching practice).

CELTA has been highly appreciative in terms of quality. It equips you with the necessary theory and practice to be ready to step into the English language teaching (ELT) arena. I am truly thankful and proud to have this opportunity.

The intensity of CELTA keeps you on your toes. Like in many other professions, the career path of an ELT requires you to improve your skills with the goal of mastering it. Assignments such as language analysis or language related tasks certainly provide the theoretical background required, however, the actual teaching practice time we had in real-life classes was most helpful.

The UQ Library has 24/7 access which is a huge benefit for people like me who have been studying at 4 or 5am. There were great resources for books in our classroom which we could borrow at any time during the day.

It is very difficult for me to comprehend how some individuals gain certificates in ELT online as after having done CELTA at a university campus, you get the best experience in learning teacher training.

Well among many other fond memories and amazing experiences, I truly can say CELTA has made a profound impact on my life – I consider myself very lucky and I absolutely loved the course.

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Last updated:
11 February 2019