What I loved most about studying English abroad

My name is Torsten. I was born and raised in Germany, and English is my second language. I finished my studies in law and economics, and it was time for me to embark on a journey to Australia so I could improve my English skills, and enhance my career opportunities in an international institution.

I was looking for the best opportunity to study Business English at a university abroad. After researching suitable universities online, I found the English for International Business Communication (EIBC) course at The University of Queensland’s Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE) in Brisbane, Australia. I decided to enrol at ICTE, as The University of Queensland is one of the top-ranked universities worldwide, offering English language courses designed specifically for business situations.

The focus of EIBC was learning to work as a foreigner in international surroundings with English as the common language. We had the opportunity to read and understand different business articles, and were asked specific questions, worked on business scenarios in small groups, listening to our peers’ conversations, and learnt to succinctly summarise them. Another usual topic was to improve our pronunciation and to understand English from people with different accents from Japan, China, Brazil and France.

What I loved most about studying English at ICTE is that every student receives access to full-service support. There are plenty of great facilities, especially the library, teaching classrooms, sports facilities, and cafés and restaurants all close together. I decided to live at student accommodation during my stay and I could easily reach the campus within a few minutes each day. Another benefit of studying English at ICTE is the opportunity to meet other Australian students and the UQ Student Club, as this gives foreign students the chance to improve their language skills further.

When I made plans to improve my English language skills in Australia, I never expected to learn so many new things while studying and living with people with totally different cultures and backgrounds. It broadened my horizons and showed me how important it is to gain a cultural exchange experience in practice, which would not have been possible in my home country.

English for International Business Communication is offered at two levels and is designed to help you confidently use English in the workplace. 

Last updated:
16 June 2021