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Bridging English Program student Honja, from Madagascar, tells us how ICTE's Learning Advice program enabled her to learn new study strategies, set clear goals, and reach her academic goals.

During the Orientation week at ICTE, I was encouraged to join the Learning Advice program provided by ICTE to help improve my English skills and to give me the best chance of passing my BEP exam for entry into UQ. I decided to attend the Learning Advice workshops because I wanted to succeed, and I was convinced these workshops could help me to accomplish my goals.

I found these workshops very interesting and useful. Justine and Maggie were always willing to support us in our studies, giving us advice to help us succeed, and motivating us to do more self-study outside the classroom to enhance our English skills.

Learning Advice gave me the opportunity to learn new strategies including setting clear goals, study plans, and effective methods, which was essential to boosting my studies. When I came to Australia, my English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills were not high enough to undertake a university degree. However, after 15 weeks of BEP, my English skills improved and I can without a doubt say the Learning Advice workshops contributed to my studies and success. Life is a continuous learning cycle, and I continue to work hard to improve my English every day.

In my home country, English is my third language and because of that, I was constantly afraid of making mistakes and this really prevented me from participating in class activities and getting involved in my community. Attending the Learning Advice workshops and ICTE Activities helped to build my confidence, and push me outside my comfort zone.

I would highly suggest and encourage all students to attend any workshops and activities organised by ICTE. It will help you to achieve your goals. Hard work is the lifeblood of success, and everyday life is full of challenges, so keep working hard and immerse yourself in community activities, as this will strengthen your communication skills.

What our participants say about Learning Advice

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Learning Advice can help you develop better self-study skills and get more English in your day.

Attend workshops with the Learning Advisors to improve:

  • classroom skills in Australia
  • setting English study goals
  • study tips for improving vocabulary, writing, reading, listening and speaking
  • organising your study time

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Last updated:
13 November 2019