Celine's first two weeks exploring Brisbane

Over the next six weeks, we will join scholarship student Celine. Celine is from Brisbane's sister city, Kaohsiung in Taiwan​, and was the 2019 winner of a scholarship program that includes:

  • Five weeks of English language tuition at ICTE
  • Six weeks free accommodation courtesy of Atira 
  • One week's volunteer work experience with the International team at Brisbane City Council's Lord Mayors office.

My name is Celine Wu and I am from Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan. My first week at The University of Queensland’s Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education was incredible.

As part of my scholarship, I am fortunate enough to stay at Atira Student Living on Merivale Street. Atira Merivale Street is nestled in Southbank, which is the cultural and lifestyle precinct in the heart of Brisbane. My accommodation is close to supermarkets and shopping centres and is easily accessible by public transport. Atira Student Living also holds a variety of events and activities, including free weekly BBQs, sports competitions and organized trips throughout Australia.

Celine at The University of Queensland St Lucia Campus

The view from my room is amazing and I am very fortunate to stay in such comfortable accommodation with access to everything I need such as various cookers, kitchen utensils, and a microwave oven.

At home, all my examinations and assignments caused me stress and I lost my passion for learning. Gradually, I lost the motivation and passion to learn English. However, I had a change of heart after starting at ICTE. All of the teachers here are so friendly and patient and always encourage us to speak bravely. The teachers remind us not to focus on our mistakes and to always try our best.

 The teaching method in Australia is very different from Taiwan. ICTE teachers use technology to make learning fun and interactive and encourage the students to think critically and creatively.

Celine with her classmates

My classmates come from various countries, such as Japan, Korea, and China. Even though we started as strangers, it now feels we have been friends for years! There are no boundaries between my new friends and me, even though we are from different countries. I can’t wait to learn and work together to improve our English.

My second week in Brisbane

This week was memorable because I got to see unique Australian animals such as koalas and kangaroos. Since I first arrived in Brisbane I have been looking forward to visiting Lone Pine Sanctuary, and I finally got to go this weekend with my friend.

I recommended buying the entrance ticket from the ICTE website for a good. This was my first experience getting to so close and personal to the animals at the sanctuary. I even had the opportunity to hand-feed the animals!

Celine at Lone Pine Sanctuary

Before I arrived at Lone Pine Sanctuary I learned about kangaroos and what to expect. I was told that male kangaroos don’t attack, but if they feel threatened they will warn other kangaroos by standing up on their hind legs supported by their tails. This made me a little nervous, but all the kangaroos at the sanctuary were calm and very gentle.

A sleepy koala

Lone Pine Sanctuary provided us with a unique experience, including the opportunity to hold koalas. It was a great way to see Australian animals and a perfect spot for tourists to visit.

Last updated:
15 June 2021