A soft landing and an exciting start with Korean student, Junho

Over the next six weeks, we will join scholarship student Junho. Junho is from Brisbane's sister city, Daejeon in Korea​, and was the 2019 winner of a scholarship program that includes:

  • Five weeks of English language tuition at ICTE
  • Six weeks free accommodation courtesy of Atira 
  • One week's volunteer work experience with the International team at Brisbane City Council's Lord Mayors office.

G’day mate!

My name is Junho Kwon and I am a Korean student studying at ICTE. I am here at The University of Queensland (UQ) on a Brisbane Sister City Scholarship and I am honored to share my experience. I am looking forward to the next six weeks. I would describe my first week in Brisbane as a soft landing and an exciting start.

Junho at the UQ campus

My country, Korea, is known as the land of morning calm, and I find Brisbane very similar. Korean people pride themselves in diligence, however, I was surprised to find that Brisbane people are much more diligent than Koreans!

On my first day in Brisbane, I had to get up before sunrise because my class began at 8:15am. I was half asleep in the morning and I got on the wrong bus! Once I found the UQ campus, I saw how beautiful it was.

I felt as if I was walking around a park. The antique style of buildings shows UQ’s history and prestige. There was a liberal atmosphere and lots of creative students on the campus. UQ is also a multi-cultural campus where people from diverse backgrounds come together. I hope to make lots of international friends at UQ.

My first class in ICTE was cool! I enjoyed discussions with my class partner, English vocabulary games and other various activities. But above all, I appreciated the warm welcoming from my classmates and teachers.

New student meet and greet event

Since this is my first time in Australia by myself, I tend to worry. Everything is still new and unfamiliar to me. However, I know there will be unimaginable experiences waiting for me during my stay in Brisbane.


Last updated:
10 February 2020