Celine's experience exploring Brisbane - Week 3 & 4

Over the next six weeks, we will join scholarship student Celine. Celine is from Brisbane's sister city, Kaohsiung in Taiwan​, and was the 2019 winner of a scholarship program that includes:

  • Five week's of English language tuition at ICTE
  • Six week's accommodation courtesy of Atira 
  • One week's volunteer work experience with the International team at Brisbane City Council's Lord Mayors office.

Week 3

I’d like to share my experience from ICTE Activities and with UQ clubs. ICTE puts on a variety of activities every day, including Chorus, Conversation Club and several sports activities.

By participating in the ICTE Chorus, I was fortunate enough to sing at the Lord Mayor’s International Student Friendship Ceremony. I was timid and nervous about singing on stage before joining the choir. However, the chorus teacher Vicki told me “You don't need to be a good singer - just willing to have fun and get involved.”

The Lord Mayor and the ICTE Chorus

We performed five songs at the Lord Mayor’s Ceremony and learnt them all in a very short period. We ‘broke our leg’ and managed to have a fantastic performance by the end of it. Joining the ICTE Chorus was a great way to meet new friends from different countries, and practise our pronunciation.

I also got to attend The University of Queensland’s Market Day, which takes place twice a year. Market Day had more than 190 stalls highlighting internal and external clubs, societies and programs for new and current students to get involved in. I attended Market Day with my friend and we joined a few clubs.

UQ Market day

Attending an activity and joining a club is one of the best ways to meet and make friends with fellow students who share similar interests to you. It can also enhance your social life while studying, making UQ feel more like home. If you are planning to study at UQ, I highly recommend activities and clubs to make the most of your time at UQ.

Celine and some new friends

Week 4

I am very sad this is my last week at ICTE. I already miss my lovely new friends I met during these five weeks and every single thing which we had been through together.

I would like to share with you what kinds of things I usually did after class. My friend and I had lunch from the UQ food court and ate under one of the lovely trees on campus. After that, feeling very relaxed, we sometimes took a campus tour and looked around UQ or sometimes I wandered around myself.

On one of my walks around UQ, I encountered one of the most popular attractions at UQ- the 'Smiling and Drooling Rock'.

Celine and the 'Smiling and Drooling Rock' at UQ

I also took the City Cat after class sometimes, which was a pretty awesome experience for me because of the regional restriction in Taiwan. I enjoyed the breeze on the City Cat and it helped me to relieve some stress by watching the glamorous landscape along the Brisbane riverside. Don’t miss the City Cat if you get an opportunity to visit UQ and Brisbane!

My time here has gone so fast, I can't believe that I am heading home for Taiwan soon. I have learnt so much over the last five weeks. For example, I am not afraid of communicating with people in English and making mistakes anymore. It is said that making mistakes is the greatest motivator to improvement.

Celine and her ICTE friends

Although I am not an expert on English, I feel like I am more confident with my abilities. I have also made loads of friends from Australia and all over the world. I really appreciate the support of my teachers and friends at ICTE gave me and they always inspired and supported my English practice. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn English, I sincerely recommend ICTE at UQ- It is the best choice for you!

Celine and her class and ICTE teacher


Last updated:
10 February 2020