Marc's experience at ICTE

Marc, a physical therapy student at Chiang Mai University in Thailand, has been awarded an English language scholarship to study abroad in Australia. The scholarship is sponsored by The University of Queensland’s Institute Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE), in partnership with and Beyond Study Center in Thailand. We asked Marc to film his journey at ICTE and his Australian experience over 5 weeks.

Marc's journey at ICTE

'When I was a kid, I always dreamed of being a student in an English speaking country so I could communicate my thoughts to the outside world. One day I watched the Australian movie called Babe with my mum, the story about the brave little pig in a countryside farm, and my mum told me this is Australian life. In that time the movie gave me the inspiration to visit Australia once in my life.

Studying English at ICTE in Brisbane, Australia was like a dream come true. I really enjoyed the quality of classes and was amazed by how organised my teachers were, especially Duncan and Patrick. Duncan was well prepared in every activity, and Patrick is very talented with his storytelling skills. I never thought learning English could be fun, but learning English at ICTE was so much fun.

Studying English does not stop once the class is over. I got to improve my English 24/7 through activities outside class such as cooking, choir, sport, and learning support workshops. Travelling was also one of the best parts about studying in Brisbane, as I had an opportunity to explore so many places in the city and the countryside.

Living with a local homestay family was an amazing experience I will cherish, and it gave me a chance to speak, listen and learn new vocabulary. I will miss my 5-week life here in Brisbane; the people, the places, the weather, and the thing that I will miss the most is being ICTE student.

Nothing is better than living your dream, and benefiting your future at the same time.'

Marc's travel around Brisbane vlog:

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Last updated:
10 February 2020