5 handy hints to get a job while studying at ICTE

Working in Brisbane

You can apply for a casual or part-time job on your student visa while you study at ICTE. Having a job is a great way to improve and practice your English and meet new people.

On a student visa, you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight when your course is in session and unlimited hours when it is not. The minimum hourly wage in Australia for unskilled work is around $18 per hour for an adult (18 years).  Higher minimum rates generally apply for night and weekend work. To be able to work in Australia, you must have a Tax File Number. Apply online for a Tax File Number.

Read some helpful tips below on how to find the perfect job for you!

1. Decide what job you would like

Make sure you pick a job you will enjoy.  If you are good at serving food or making coffee, there are lots of cafes and restaurants in Brisbane that you can apply for. 

2. Find a job close to accommodation or UQ

You don’t want to be travelling very far to work each day. Try and find a job close to your homestay or student accommodation or even on campus. UQ campus is a great place to apply for jobs. Think about how you would get to your job every day and if you can take the bus or train to get to work.

3. Don’t be nervous to apply!

Sometimes it takes a while to get the job you want! Apply for as many jobs as you can and don’t give up.

4. Be honest on your job application

If you are only staying in Brisbane for a few weeks or months, write this on your application. Tell the business why you are here and that you are looking to improve your English skills. Make sure they know if you want to work casually or part-time.

5. Attend your ICTE Classes

Once you have a job, make time for your classes. It could be tempting to not attend classes if you are busy at work but you must attend class, otherwise, your student visa will not be valid.


Volunteer work is a great way to learn real-world skills and give back to the community. For more information about volunteering visit the Queensland Government’s volunteering website.

Jobsearch sites

  •  Global Grad for jobs for UQ international students
  •  Seek for professional work in Australia.

If you need some help applying for a job, UQ Union can help you prepare your resume, searching for jobs and making appointments. UQ  Employability can also assist with volunteer opportunities, industry connections, job search and workshops.

UQ Studenthub regularly lists workshops that will help with preparing and finding a job while studying. Find workshops here.

You can see how to write a resume or CV here.

Important information and links

Student work conditions and rights:


Keep your Tax File Number and other identity details safe.  Only certain people and organisations can ask for your Tax File Number including the Tax Office, your employer after you start work, your bank, Centrelink (the Australian social security department) and your superannuation fund.

You can claim a refund for superannuation money paid by your Australian employer when you permanently depart Australia.  Find out more about superannuation payments and tax refunds.

Last updated:
15 June 2021