Teaching insights: Ed-Tech Special Interest Group (SIG) Forum- English Australia Conference

Ed-Tech Special Interest Group (SIG) Forum- English Australia Conference

ICTE’s Senior Teacher in educational technology, Henno Kotze presented alongside Paul Forster, the Academic Manager for Bridging English, at the English Australia Conference last week. The English Australia Conference is the largest gathering of ELICOS industry professionals and brings together an impressive list of local and international speakers to deliver research, learning and new ideas across the conference theme: Engage, Include, Adapt. 

Henno Kotze and Paul Forster presented the inaugural Ed-Tech Special Interest Group (SIG) forum to other industry professionals and other tech-minded individuals. The forum explored the triumphs and challenges in the educational technology industry, a currently underrepresented area of ELICOS.

Ed-Tech SIG forum

“The new SIG forum was a great way to see everyone from different institutes and roles come together and show support and share their views on educational technology. This was a collaborative effort and I look forward to seeing how this grows in the future.”
Henno Kotze

The introduction of technology in language education has created new and great opportunities for language learners and teachers. This SIG offered a space to collaborate on ways to impact the digital language learning landscape. The group spoke about success stories and future directions, such as running online conferences.

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Last updated:
9 December 2019