Student experiences: Vinacomin participants

Vinacomin participants studying at ICTE spoke about their experience in class and their time in Brisbane.

Manh Loc Phan

I am currently studying Bridging English (BE) at ICTE, to help me reach the English language requirements for my chemical engineering degree at UQ. I have found that although ICTE has many useful workshops and programs, BE has been the best program for me. This program has allowed me to overcome a lot of challenges, fears and problems in studying English abroad. BE has given me the chance to practice my speaking skills with native speakers and with my new friends who have made my life here richer. Brisbane has been a great place for living and studying. It is hard to say what is my favourite place in Brisbane, there are so many festivals, friendly people, and places to visit! I love living here. ICTE is one of the best places for learning English, I have had tons of great experiences here.

Vu Ngoc Quy

I am currently studying Bridging English to help me with my Master Degree course at UQ next year. I have made progress especially in my writing skills since being here at ICTE. I have become confident and comfortable in writing which I have not ever had before. I believe that my teacher has inspired me and provided me with the most effective approach to study writing. My other English skills have improved as well. I enjoy commuting to campus every day by bus and find it exciting to meet new bus drivers who are extremely friendly and polite. Whilst I have been busy studying and have not had much time to explore Brisbane, I enjoy walking around where I live which is very peaceful.

Bridging English is ICTE’s most popular English language pathway, with five entry points for admission into UQ programs, including Study Abroad.
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• a conditional place in your preferred UQ program.

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Last updated:
24 March 2020