Coming of Age Ceremony

The University of Queensland’s Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE) celebrated the annual Japanese ‘Coming of Age’ ceremony this week. Traditionally held on the second Monday in January, the Seijin shiki (成人式) ceremony celebrates all those who have reached the age of maturity (20 years). For more than a decade, ICTE has held a Coming of Age ceremony to mark the important milestone for our Japanese students.

This year saw 25 Japanese students in attendance along with special guests, Mr Kazunari Tanaka, Consul-General of Japan for Brisbane, and Mr Naohiro Hayakawa, Cultural Consul of Japan for Brisbane. ICTE Director, Julian Wilson, and ICTE Alumni, Kaori Sugita, also spoke at the evening.

From left to right: Mr Naohiro Hayakawa, Cultural Consul of Japan, Julian Wilson, ICTE Director, and Mr Kazunari Tanaka, Consul-General of Japan for Brisbane.

Homestay families were invited to celebrate with students and learn about this cultural tradition. The night started with a performance by the UQ Japanese Taiko Drumming Team, a form of traditional Japanese music and art that combines powerful beats with dynamic movements.

The UQ Japanese Taiko Drumming Team

Consul-General Mr Kazunari Tnaaka spoke about the importance of the ceremony and the experiences gained through studying abroad. “The decision to study abroad will greatly improve your confidence and not only enrich your life but contribute to a mutual understanding of the world,” he said.

Julian Wilson echoed the same sentiments in his speech about stepping outside of comfort zones and growing in confidence as the students come of age. Kaori spoke about her experience at ICTE and how grateful she is for the opportunities gained during her studies in English. 

ICTE Japanese students with their Coming of Age certificates


Last updated:
10 February 2020