Case Study: Creating sustainable outcomes for business strategy

ICTE has partnered with the University of Connecticut CIBER unit for over six years to educate over 67 participants from around the globe on the importance of sustainable business practices.

This annual program offered by the University of Queensland and the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at the University of Connecticut in the United States provides a unique opportunity for academics and business leaders to explore how some of Australia’s leading organizations are applying sustainable business practices. Our challenge has been to create a program where sustainability is an integrated part of core strategic management. As the corporate and societal focus on sustainability has grown, so too has the recognition that students are becoming increasingly interested in the role of sustainability in their future employment. 

Our solution

UQ-ICTE in conjunction with The University of Queensland Business School developed a customised program that connected established networks in sustainability management within key Australian organisations such as LendLease, Perfect Potion, Rock Trade and Rockcote. UQ Business School lecturers where then able to demonstrate the impact these organisations are having globally through an international leadership program on sustainability. Over two weeks participants were able to:

  • Visit business and government agencies in Sydney, the Gold Coast, and Brisbane to meet with industry experts and hear first-hand how real-world organizations are planning for and meeting the sustainability challenge.
  • Explore how climate change is impacting all areas of business management and learn more about the role new technology, energy resources and the carbon economy will play in a changing business landscape.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of how some of Australia’s leading academics and researchers are helping to tackle the sustainability challenges of tomorrow.

Participant takeaways

"I think this program would be very beneficial and impactful for the Corporate Social Responsibility leaders in the corporate world or for leadership program candidates at businesses. I think that would have a more lasting impact on sustainability. It was a great program! Thanks!".
Program participant 2017

"This is easily one of the best programs I have ever attended. Every activity was content rich and truly rewarding. This program will help in developing a curriculum on the topic of the green supply chain in our MBA program. Meeting with business leaders and academics provided many networking opportunities which will help in obtaining grants for research projects".
Program participant 2017

"Every activity was superb. Clearly, activities were well thought out and appropriate for the theme. Both UQ leaders went beyond what I expected. Their knowledge, personality and willingness to help were tremendous assets".
Program participant 2018


Last updated:
15 June 2021