Student Experience: It was such an unforgettable experience

Seoul National University (SNU) attended ICTE for a two week program in January 2020 with a focus on Sustainability & Innovation in Australian Context.  During this program, SNU students visited local sites where environmental sustainability has been a key focus such as Ti-Tree Energy and The University of Queensland’s (UQ) solar research program. Participants met with Eco-tourism/Indigenous tourism on North Stradbroke Island as well as presentations on protecting the Great Barrier Reef. Another program highlight was the UQ Design Thinking Solutions Workshops and Redback Technologies. See Woo Lee, a student from SNU tells us about her experience in this program.

Hi! My name is Seung Woo Lee, from Seoul, South Korea. I’m studying Communication and Korean Literature at Seoul National University. My main interest is the psychology of people.  

Before this program, I didn't know much about Australia and I want to know learn more about the identity and history of Australia. This is why I decided to apply for the Sustainability & Innovation in Australian Context program at ICTE.

There were many lectures we attended including one about sustainability. I enjoyed the lecture about solar energy and reusable energy as I learnt a lot. The group projects in this program was the highlight for me. It was a meaningful experience to make our own project as a group. In class we got the opportunity to improve and practice our presentations.

We visited lots of different places and site visits. It was such an unforgettable experience when we got to do a field survey by ourselves.

A site visit to Scotbar Quarry as a part of a workshop

The most impressive site visit was Lone Pine Sanctuary. In the sanctuary we saw Koalas and wombats which were so cute. My experience with Kangaroos was unforgettable. There were no fence between the kangaroos and us, and we were able to hand feed them. They didn’t scare people, but they just followed us to get some food. It was so amazing.

SNU students at Lone Pine Sanctuary

South Bank in Brisbane was a very interesting place to visit. Having a beach inside the city is so extraordinary, but the most impressive thing at South Bank were the people. Almost everyone knew how to swim, and even at night, there were so many people. Everyone was so laid back, and knew how to enjoy everything.

Seung Woo Lee and friends at North Stradbroke Island

This program helped us to understand Australia much better.


Last updated:
24 February 2020