Teaching Insights: Digital Innovations and Research in Language Learning

ICTE teachers Henno Kotzé and Ceara McManus have co-contributed a feature chapter in the IATEFL Learning Technology Special Interest Group (LTSIG) research book ‘Digital Innovations and Research in Language Learning’ (2020).

​Edited by Sophia Mavridi and Vicky Saumell, both well-known individuals in the English Language Teaching (ELT) space, this book features a variety of research projects and topics related to educational technology and language learning.

The chapter titled ‘Chasing engagement: where goal-setting meets gamification’, is focused on a gamified goal-setting model that can facilitate student engagement in English outside the classroom.

Ceara says "Our goal is to help students to see that the English in their classroom is everywhere outside their classroom if they look. Encouraging them to do this is so important, not only for their language development but also for their community engagement and sense of place with their new language. Enjoy discovering digital innovations to motivate your students to do this."

Ceara and Henno were asked to contribute a chapter after writing a blog post on the LTSIG blog last year based on a game-based learning and goal-setting action research project (a webinar of the project can be found here). 

Henno hopes “our chapter and this book goes some way towards showing that, with a sprinkling of imagination and a big dollop of passion, teachers can use ed-tech to motivate students and enhance language learning and teaching.”

The book features a number of innovative projects showcasing the positive role that ed-tech can play in language learning, when utilised effectively. You can buy the book today on Amazon (Kindle) here: amazon.co.uk/dp/B084G9323G

Henno Kotzé has been a TESOL Language teacher at ICTE since 2009 and is currently Senior Teacher – Ed-Tech. Having previously taught in Vietnam and South Africa, his key interests lie in using educational technology to enhance the student experience, supporting teachers in embracing technology in their teaching and the future of learning, including immersive technologies. He has presented on ed-tech, augmented reality, digital learning and MOOCs at conferences.

Ceara McManus has been a TESOL teacher and teacher trainer at ICTE since 2013. Originally a drama and French teacher, after qualifying in ESL, she taught 5 to 85-year-olds in the UK, Italy, Serbia, and Hong Kong. Ceara’s MA in Applied Linguistics from The University of Hong Kong specialised in teaching English through a Language Arts program and this passion for languages and drama has led to her range of innovative programs written in TESOL teaching and teacher development.

Last updated:
5 February 2020