English Australia Queensland Professional Development Festival 2020

The University of Queensland’s Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE) is pleased to be hosting the 2020 English Australia Professional Development Festival for the fifth consecutive year. This PD Fest is an important day for TESOL teachers alike to share resources, advice, and insights with each other. Participants have the chance to connect with fellow colleagues and develop their pedagogical skills. The day will include presentations and workshops by teachers and academic managers in the industry and is a precursor to the national conference coming up later this year.

EA PD Fest 2018

Ten ICTE teachers will be presenting on the day on a variety of topics from teacher collaboration to goal setting. Read more about the presentations below:

John Moran: Teacher collaboration

Teacher collaboration is extremely valuable for professional development and requires teachers to work effectively and harmoniously with others, but this may not always happen. This session will shed more light on the subject by sharing practical ideas for constructive teacher collaboration.

David Leach: Three dynamic interactive activities for the classroom

David’s workshop will demonstrate three dynamic activities he successfully uses to engage students in the classroom. The activities require students to employ all four macro-skills, to focus on their pronunciation and to access and convey information to individuals, teams or the class.

Vicki Bos and Paul Boyling: Bulletin boards and seesaws: Using digital portfolios for teacher professional development

This workshop examines the effective implementation of digital portfolios in teacher PD using the Cambridge INSPIRE principles of best practice. Vicki and Paul will share case studies demonstrating using online platforms to compile and collaborate on PD initiatives at a university language centre.

Tanja Hafenstein & Andrew Scott: Supporting writing development: Developing writing through detailed reading and whole-class writing activities

In this session, Tanja explores teaching projects that support learners’ writing development and report on the challenges and opportunities experienced.

Sue Gollagher: Unlearning EAP writing: Taking advanced learners to the next level

EAP teachers strive to improve learners’ academic style and learners strive to pass tests. This creates bad writing habits. This presentation demonstrates practical ways to help advanced EAP students wow their lecturers with writing that is clear, succinct and dynamic.

Renee Shibuya: Classroom detectives: Investigating students’ needs to increase student and teacher motivation

Using examples from a journey through studying for the Cambridge DELTA, this presentation explores how teachers can promote learning. By discovering and utilising their students’ needs, teachers can reduce unwanted behaviours, improve learning and increase motivation for both students and teachers.

Louisa Naughton & Alis Fairfax : Questioning our questions: Monitoring, analysing and developing teachers’ classroom questioning strategies

In this session, Louisa reviews the types of questions teachers ask. Louisa shares how teachers explore questioning strategies within a framework of classroom-based Teacher Development, outlining the research uncovered and giving reflection ideas to take into practice.

Michelle Ocriciano: F is for feedback

This session will discuss how research in the fields of Positive Psychology and also Mind, Brain and Education understand feedback. It will provide tips that can be used in the very next class.

David Leach: Project You: Setting your own goals

Most of us have future visions of ourselves. This project aimed to help students approach their imagined future selves through setting and focusing on personal incremental goals. This talk will provide examples of activities and tasks given to students, demonstrate goal visualisation and answer the question.

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15 June 2021