ICTE student creates artwork inspired by COVID-19

In this time of crisis and isolation, the role of art becomes more important – as many students turn to creative expression to work through their thoughts and feelings.

One ICTE student inspires the entire university to embrace the unknown with an uplifting art project. Zelda Yang, who has been studying Bridging English online, wanted to leave her mark on other students by painting her expression of hope.

Zelda explains that her artwork is about seeing the world from a new perspective, and supporting each other to overcome the challenges we’re facing.

This painting is called 'HOPE'. Zelda shares the story of why it’s meaningful to her.

From left to right:

  • The purple paper represents The University of Queensland (UQ).
  • The blooming flowers represent the four seasons of Queensland and hope.
  • The man means because of this virus we must self-isolate which will make the people around us healthy.
  • I replaced the ear with a gold clock. This means time is precious, just like our lives.
  • The tear means currently we cannot go onto campus - we miss each other, but actually a tear cannot solve any problems - it just wastes time.
  • Behind the corridor with the UQ emblem, there are some green plants that mean hope and energy. UQ is our hope, knowledge is our hope. We can overcome this virus together.

The inspiration for my art creation comes from my own life and my imagination.

At first, I was very anxious about taking online classes. I thought the future was full of uncertainty, and I did not know how I would get through this on my own. However, after self-reflection and chatting with my friends almost every day, I decided to face the unknown future with a positive attitude.

From then on, I prepared to give everything to my effort and time. I thought I should treat any situation with hope. Based on my own mentality at that time, I created this painting.

After taking the online classes, I am very surprised at how it has improved my efficiency. Because my home is far from the university, I can save lots of time through online classes, and all the teachers at ICTE are excellent. I feel that through learning English online at ICTE, I have the ability to understand different people. I have greatly improved not only my listening skills but my reading, speaking, and writing skills. So thank you ICTE.

Zelda Yang

Last updated:
24 April 2020