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Japanese student, Ayaka Uchida, has been studying Bridging English online at ICTE. Ayaka came across the opportunity to participate in the Learning Advice workshops, after being encouraged by some of her teachers and classmates. During her time, Ayaka has made a lot of new international friends, improved her English skills, and taken advantage of the online workshops to improve her study success.

Ayaka shares her experiences below:

“Learning Advice gave me many tips to improve my English skills, and strategies to study English effectively so that I don’t overload my study plan. It’s helped me to recognise my weaknesses and learn how to improve,” Ayaka

I joined the ICTE Feel Good Friday conversation workshop that was supported by two teachers. Thanks to these teachers, the transition from face-to-face to the online platform has been smooth, and I enjoyed the online workshop. We had a lot of time for discussions. I was also able to talk with friends who are in different classes. That was a good encounter for me.

To be honest, I am still growing my confidence in my English. However, I am always motivated to study English after taking these workshops. In addition to this, I feel that I actually enjoy studying. I came to The University of Queensland to study Peace and Conflict Studies. I didn’t come here just to pass exams. Passing exams is not my goal. My goals are beyond exams. I am studying for me, and my future. I sometimes forget this. Communicating with others reminds me of the important things.

Words of advice for future ICTE students:

Hi Friends! Do you have the confidence to pass the final exam in Bridging English? My answer is ‘NO’. I am worried about my test scores. I think maybe you feel the same way, don’t you? Nevertheless, we have to overcome this. It is not easy. In particular, during this hard time, we have to confront studying alone. We cannot meet friends. It is very hard and tough for us. Learning Advice gives you opportunities to meet new people, tips for improving your English, motivation for studying and so on. I hope we will all pass the final exam together. Teachers also hope so. Of course, on a fundamental level, our effort is the most important! It’s up to you, but now is our chance as ICTE students… so, what now?

Do you need study support?

Learning Advice can help you develop better self-study skills and get more English in your day.

Workshop topics include:

  • Setting Goals & Planning Study
  • Critical Thinking
  • Study Skills for writing, reading, listening and speaking
  • Learning Vocabulary
  • Learning to Learn
  • Building your Confidence
  • Being Assertive

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Last updated:
25 May 2020