Why studying English online could be a great choice

Sri Lankan student, Kamal Manawadu, recently participated in 10-weeks of English language studies at ICTE. Despite the global pandemic, Kamal embraced the move to online learning, made many new friends, and enjoyed the interactive tool and activities.

Kamal reflects on his time at ICTE, and shares why studying English online could be a great choice.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff of The University of Queensland for taking a decision to coordinate online classes during this pandemic situation. The teachers take extra hours from their own valuable time to teach the lessons successfully, and my initial doubts were cleared.

In this pandemic situation, ICTE started online learning and that was a valuable decision taken by UQ, as they turned the bad experience of COVID-19 into a positive and great online experience.

In participating in online classes, we got a really interactive experience, as the teachers always used interesting educational technologies like Edmodo, TedEd, Animoto, Kahoot and other games.  

Group activities were just like being in a real classroom with breakout rooms. At that time, we did not feel that we were not in the classrooms on the university campus. We were still able to have small group discussions with each other. My teacher Ms. Ceara also helped us to continue despite the difficulties, and solved our problems. At the same time, my teacher observed us, and gave us feedback.  

Teachers use virtual whiteboards and other related things from their own room for teaching lessons as a practical environment of the virtual classroom. I can mention here the ‘Big Mic’ as our teacher Ms. Ceara always used this for speaking activities with us. Most of the time she came to the class with new gadgets in favour of us.

UQ, ICTE helped us to increase our English skills in different ways. In the first semester, they did it well on the university campus and we found good, experienced teachers. They practiced good innovative teaching methods with a young crowd of students from all over the world.  Unfortunately, the university had to close its campus under the government regulations due to the COVID-19. At the same time, the university started online education as a practical form and a remarkable event in our life. In my personal experience, I believe UQ, ICTE is not closed for COVID-19 pandemic period because they did not stop their teaching and all the events of the university.

In my UQ life, I met more friends not only in ICTE and participated in most programs in the art museum and catholic chapel. We joined the ICTE online activities, and the ICTE Chorus was also amazing for those who like to sing and listen to music. 

I think online studies would be a great choice for students all over the world to develop their knowledge and break the barriers of language after being a student at ICTE. The planned lessons and online platform help to improve the quality of learning English in a multicultural environment for career development. I think anyone in the process of studying should complete this practical online English course. 

Finally, I thank all the UQ staff and teachers for helping me to complete my studies successfully online, and a very special thanks to Ms. Margot who coordinated the Home Affairs English language program. 

Last updated:
19 June 2020