Alumni Success Stories: ICTE is one of the best places to learn English

During her studies at ICTE, Sandra has had the opportunity to meet many other international students from different cultural backgrounds. Her new friendships took her to Japan and Chile so far. She is now back in Brisbane and thanks to her newly acquired English skills, Sandra was able to enrol for a Master Degree. We cannot wait to hear where her new skills and international network will take her next!

Sandra with two friends from JapanI'm still in Brisbane, I've just finished an Advanced Diploma in Management and soon I will start a Master Degree at Charles Darwin University.

As you can see, I have been using my language skills and I hope to keep representing ICTE as one of the best places to learn English.

I also do keep in touch with most of my international friends from ICTE. Actually, I have visited some of them in Japan! It was an amazing experience, not only because I saw them but because I also learnt from their culture and family.

I am so proud of the job that the ICTE keeps doing during this tough time in 2020.

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Last updated:
27 July 2020