Alumni Success Stories: The time I spent at ICTE was by far one of the best in my life

After her English studies at ICTE, Gabriela decided to completely change careers and became an English teacher in Brazil. She now teaches to adults, teens and younger kids, implementing foreign language experiences at her local day care. Read about her truly life-changing experience below.

The time I spent at ICTE was by far one of the best in my life. I made so many friends, found love, and learned so much.

After I finished my EAP courses in July 2014, I got the chance to study at UQ, which was another transformative experience! But ICTE got a little special spot in my heart. The friendships I found there were kept to this day, and the knowledge unexpectedly helped me get to where I am today. 

I needed to conclude the ICTE English courses in order to start university. I was a Physiotherapy undergrad student looking forward to the Australian university world, but ICTE showed me so much love and warmth that I wish I'd had more time there. After leaving Australia, 18 months after I first landed there, I graduated and found myself on a very bumpy professional road. I was a physio, but I wasn't happy. I never stopped studying English after coming home, and one day I realized I needed motivation, something to push me to study harder...otherwise, I'd lose all the hard work I'd put into it while in Australia. I decided to start teaching English... I wasn't really expecting to make this into a career, I was a little lost in my professional choices, and teaching seemed to be a certainty among many uncertainties. Well, I got a taste for it! After that first decision, I've never stopped. 

Today I'm an ESL Teacher at the most recognized school in town, teaching primarily kids aged 6 to 10 years old. I also teach adults and teens, and work at a daycare that is implementing foreign language experiences, where I get the taste to present English to babies as young as 4 months old. I love the language, I love the opportunities it's given me, I cherish the time I spent at ICTE and thank all the teachers, staff and colleagues for being part of my story!

And now... I have a dream. I dream of going back to Australia, building my family there and giving back to the community all the love I'd received in my time down under. I know this is going to happen someday. And I know Australia and all its lovely people will be there for me. 

Last updated:
11 September 2020