A pathway for entry into undergraduate and postgraduate programs at The University of Queensland.


The course is designed to develop your English language skills for UQ entry and studies. Students who successfully meet all Bridging English Program (BEP) exit requirements do not need to sit an IELTS test at the end of the course to gain entry to UQ.

BEP is not just a course that will help you get into UQ - it's the course that will help you succeed once you are [studying your chosen program] here (Vimeo, 2m:30s).- Pinpak, Thailand

Why choose BEP?

BEP will help you to develop the English language abilities and skills needed for UQ program commencement. The course develops proficiency in all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), as well as systematically building your range of vocabulary and control of grammar.

The BEP course offers multiple entrance points to provide you with more flexibility and a better transition to further study programs. Every five weeks you will have the opportunity for one-on-one consultation sessions to develop individualised study plans with your teacher.

Weekly progress tests will ensure you are on track with your academic progress to reach your English language goals.

Your BEP 10 results are forwarded by ICTE-UQ to UQ International as a statement of eligibility for UQ degree program entry.

What will you do?

You will study for 20 hours in class each week. In addition, you are expected to:

  • complete online workbook tasks (6-8 hours a week)
  • read and listen extensively (3-4 hours a week)
  • complete set writing tasks (2-4 hours a week)
  • carry out independent project work (1-2 hours a week).

Spending this extra time will help you to improve your English language abilities to the level needed for successful entry into UQ.

Bring your own laptop

You will need to bring your own laptop - a minimum 25cm laptop or tablet with a physical keyboard (not an on-screen keyboard)

You will also need to install Google Chrome in time for your first day. 

You will use your device to complete online tests in class, complete homework tasks in online workbooks, access reading texts and the UQ Blackboard online learning management system.

Sample timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Integrated academic skills: Speaking Integrated academic skills: Listening Integrated academic skills: Writing Review and extension Integrated academic skills: Reading
Integrated academic skills: Reading Integrated academic skills: Writing Integrated academic skills: Listening Integrated academic skills: Speaking Review and extension


Course options

BEP Advantage (recommended)

This option allows extra time at the end of the program before the UQ semester starts.  

With this extra time you can do:

  • the BEP extension course if you do not succeed at BEP assessment first time, or
  • an Academic Communication Skills (ACS) course to further prepare you for your program.

Both these programs are optional.

The three-week BEP Extension provides you with the opportunity to revise everything you have learnt in the BEP Advantage and practise taking the assessment.  Upon completion of the BEP Extension, you will retake the official BEP assessment to enter UQ.

Academic Communication Skills is a three-week program which provides you with the opportunity to develop your academic language skills and learn more about studying in Australia.  You are eligible to join ACS if you have been accepted into a UQ degree and successfully complete the BEP Advantage.

ACS will provide you with the skills to:

  • understand assessment questions
  • plan to meet assessment requirements
  • learn how to avoid plagiarism
  • learn how to write essays
  • produce annotated bibliographies.

BEP Standard

The BEP Standard finishes immediately before the start of the UQ semester. If you do not achieve your required English level to enter your degree, you will need to defer the start of your degree until the following semester.