ICTE-UQ staff are available to speak with you about any aspect of your studies and to provide academic counselling and support. Staff, including professional counsellors at UQ’s Student Services, are also available to speak with you if you need help with personal matters.


Talk to our Accommodation Officers if you require help with Homestay.


Desirée van Aswegen or Jane Clarke 
Email: homestay@icte.uq.edu.au
Phone:+61 7 3346 6737 or 6738
Location: Room 525, Level 5 Sir Llew Edwards Building
Office hours: 8.30 am – 5.00 pm | No appointment is required to see Desirée or Jane.

Personal matters

Talk to our Student Services Manager about personal problems.  The Student Services Manager can help you get professional counselling on campus if you need it.


Janet Flanagan
Email: managerstudentservices@icte.uq.edu.au
Phone: +61 7 334 66742
Reception, Level 5 Sir Llew Edwards Building
Office hours: 8.30 am – 5.00 pm

Academic assistance

ICTE-UQ TESOL management and staff are available to speak with students/program participants about any aspect of their studies and to offer academic counselling and support.  


To make an appointment to speak to a program contact, please contact ICTE-UQ Reception on level 5, 3346 6770 or email enquiries@icte.uq.edu.au.

For academic support, counseling and enquiries regarding the following programs, please make an appointment with:

  • BEP - Stephen Walker, Assistant Director of Studies (room 527)
  • Kit Nuttall, Assistant Director of Studies (room 526)
  • Teacher Training Programs - Philippa Coleman, Assistant Director of Studies (room 528)
  • Customised Programs - Paul Forster, Assistant Director of Studies (room 528)

For all other academic enquiries, counseling and support, please make an appointment with one of the Directors of Studies:

  • GE, EAP, EIBC - Patrick Donoghue, Director of Studies (room 527)
  • Iain Mathieson, Director of Studies (room 526)