[sample intro text] As a graduating UQ student, you are eligible for a 50% discount on the price of your IELTS test. Completing this form before you take the test ensures we charge you the lesser amount.  

[Notes about form and output: no fields in the form are currently mandatory (any fields can be set as required), output currently goes to this Google Sheet. The link to the sheet currently gives edit permission to anyone who has it.  Edit access can be limited to specific users (by email address), view and comment access can be given to others (using their email addresses or shareable link.]

[Sample privacy text] Privacy: The information you provide on this form is collected primarily so we can charge you less for IELTS test fees. The information will also be analysed in a confidentialised format to monitor and improve our English language services from admission to graduation.  Individual information will not be kept after the transaction is completed.