General English

From General English to English teacher training

My time at ICTE-UQ was extremely joyful, as I had the opportunity to study interesting topics and to be taught by brilliant teachers. Fortunately, my experience at UQ was not only limited to classes but clubs as well. My times in conversation club and chorus club had broadened my experience at UQ via being able to engage in various activities. Also I made many friends from different countries which increased my knowledge and understanding of different cultures.

I was fascinated by how people from different backgrounds who had spoken different language throughout their whole lives, were able to converse through one language. This connection that can exist through the English language has inspired me to set a new goal, by spreading the language to my own people as well. 

I have taken my first step by taking a TESOL course where I will learn how to teach English.

Cindy Youngshin (Korea)

Business English

Marta Silvia Delachi (Italy)
Marta Silva DelachiCompleted English for International Business Communication and Internship Program, now working in fashion in London

I really wanted to go to Australia, and I wanted to improve my English and change my career. I dreamed of working in fashion and for the first time in Australia I imagined myself doing that in an international environment.

It was very exciting and so new for me to study in Australia, and so different to Europe. The University of Queensland is such a good place to study: good teachers, good lessons, good structure and great extra-curricular activities. I had the best experience, and one that lead me to rethink my future in Italy. It wasn’t just the different environment at UQ, it was the technology, the facilities, the healthy environment, the international experience and integration with lots of different people from diverse cultures.

These days I am now working as a Product Merchandiser for a premium high street fashion brand in London. Even now when I go for interviews one of the things that attracts the most attention on my CV is the Australian study. The ICTE-UQ course definitely perfected the business English language skills that are so pivotal to my current job. 

Academic English

Adam Alyahya

From General English to English for Academic Purposes to UQ degree program

My experience at ICTE-UQ is a remarkable one. The unique teaching style and the supportive approach of teachers towards me, made my learning of English seamless. The learning facilities along with the range of inclusive activities and student services at ICTE-UQ contributed to my unforgettable learning experience.

Today I hold an executive role in two students’ societies as well as proudly being one of Brisbane’s International Student’s Ambassadors, a program that is part of the Lord Mayor’s initiative to introduce Brisbane to the world as a modern world city and a student destination. I am also completing my degree of International Tourism Management here, at UQ.

Adam Alyahya, Saudi Arabia

Bridging English

Ignacio Javier Gonzalez Aravena

From Bridging English Program to studying a Master of Technology and Innovation Management at UQ

My experience at ICTE-UQ was fantastic, not only academically but also personally. The teachers and my classmates were very friendly.  The teachers are professional with many years of experience in teaching English, and they are very supportive of all the students.

The UQ campus is a beautiful place for studying because it has all the facilities necessary for learning and networking. In my case, I made many friends from all over the world.

Nowadays, I am studying a Master of Technology and Innovation Management in the Faculty of Business at UQ. My studies at both ICTE-UQ, and UQ have given me the chance to face several challenges in a business context.

Ignacio Javier Gonzalez Aravena, Chile