ICTE Connect

ICTE Connect is an online community where you can join a group to meet new friends and connect with other ICTE students. You can share experiences with other students who have similar interests.  The community can also help you to find out about events and activities on the UQ campus or in and around Brisbane.  

The program is available to all students enrolled on an ICTE course, whether you are just about to start at ICTE or if you have been here for a while.  

We are also looking for Leaders to manage each of the groups, gain skills and help fellow students.

Find out more about joining as a student or becoming a leader below.

Join ICTE Connect as a student to access our online community where you can meet others with similar interests, make new friends and find out more about activities on the UQ Campus and in and around Brisbane.

Learn more from our ICTE Connect Leaders, students who have either been studying at ICTE for a while or are now studying at UQ.

We also have a group for students who are attending their first session at ICTE so that you can receive help and support on settling in to life at ICTE.

Register now through the ICTE Connect Mentoring page 

Join ICTE Connect as a Leader and help fellow students to meet new friends and make the most of their time at ICTE.  

Leaders will manage their own group and use their own experiences of studying and living in Brisbane to support students.  They will provide their group with opportunities to discuss and interact online as well as encouraging members to meet and develop their friendships.

As an ICTE Connect Leader you will:

  • Receive training and on-going support to help you in your position
  • Develop your leadership and organisation skills
  • Make a difference to the ICTE student experience
  • Practice and improve your English in real-life situations
  • Receive an Australian reference to support you in getting a job in Australia

ICTE Connect Leaders must have studied at ICTE for a minimum of 5 weeks in a BEP, EAP, EIBC or General English Level 5 or 6 class.  Previous ICTE students now studying at UQ are also welcome to apply.

Complete an Expression of Interest form if you would like to become an ICTE Connect Leader.