International Development is one of Asia-Pacific’s leading university development groups. We are recognised for excellence in development through technical leadership, training and capacity building, management and research. We have completed over 500 projects across 80 countries since being established in 1994. Previously a Division of Uniquest, International Development became part of ICTE in 2016.

International Development provides technical expertise and program management leadership enhanced by the intellect, capability and experience of The University of Queensland - a leading comprehensive, research-intensive university. We strive to make a significant contribution to improving the lives of people in vulnerable communities globally, regionally and locally.

Our clients include leading international development contractors, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank as well as other government agencies, non-government organisations and the private sector.

Vision - International development leadership for a better world

Purpose - To enhance the capacity of people and communities in developing countries to sustainably improve their livelihoods. We do this through client-focussed, professionally-managed activities that connect and apply academic and development expertise.

Values - our key values of integrity, collaboration and fostering positive change are embedded in the UQ values. Our values also include:

  • the pursuit of excellence - we strive for excellence, seeking to apply the highest standards in our activities to foster positive change for the benefit of the communities in which we work.
  • creativity and independent thinking - we welcome new ideas from our stakeholders and staff as well as from our alumni and our external partners. We encourage the pursuit of innovation, opportunities and creative solutions.
  • honesty and accountability - we act with integrity and professionalism and uphold the highest ethical standards. We are committed to transparency and accountability. Our decisions ensure responsible stewardship of our clients’ and the University’s resources and maintain and enhance their reputation and values.
  • mutual respect and diversity - we promote diversity through our work, our people, and our ideas. We strive towards an inclusive environment in which ideas flourish and future generations, regardless of background are empowered. We work collaboratively with our colleagues and stakeholders in a mutually respectful manner for shared success.
  • supporting our people - we ensure the safety and well-being of our people. We create an inclusive and supportive community in which achievements are celebrated and rewarded. Our people have the opportunity to enrich their lives and pursue their goals.



  • We support the rights of children and are committed to their safety and well-being.  Download our Child Protection Policy (PDF, 152KB).
  • Our staff, consultants and associated firms share a common responsibility and commitment to the awareness, prevention and reporting of, and responding to, bribery and corruption.  Download our Anti-Corruption Policy (89KB, PDF).