English Central - a great way to learn English through a huge pop-out wall of quick videos.  This site can help you improve not only your listening but also your pronunciation and vocabulary with definitions of words provided in the videos. 

Elllo - one minute videos and transcripts of real people talking with small quizzes to test your understanding. 

Australia Plus: Australia-related videos and English learning activities set up for international students studying in Australia.


Subscribe to these podcasts or download individual audio files.

ESL Pod - this podcast is updated frequently and spans a wide range of topics, from Business English to Shopping and Daily Life.

Better at English - this podcast helps you improve through real English conversations and also includes lessons and language learning tips to make your learning more enjoyable.

The English We Speak - From the BBC, this short weekly podcast looks at everyday words and phrases to help you use natural English expressions…naturally!

Splendid Speaking - this podcast is for advanced learners of English who want to develop their speaking and conversation skills and will be very useful for students preparing for English tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, CAE or TOEIC. 

The Aussie English podcast - this podcast has a strong focus on pronunciation and will have you speaking like a true-blue Aussie in no time – fair dinkum!

Teacher's tip: make a weekly 'listening schedule' where you set a specific amount of time aside for different types of listening practice every day.  Listen with a purpose and use a variety of listening types.