We can organise OSHC on your behalf with our preferred provider Overseas Student Health Cover by Allianz Care Australia and quote the relevant fees in your Letter of Offer. If you are bringing your family to Australia you must advise ICTE to purchase a family policy on your behalf.

The cover provides:

  • 24-hour emergency assistance and medical advice
  • medical services provided by doctors (GP Services)
  • medical services such as pathology and radiology
  • some prescription medicines
  • ambulance services.

Health cover is provided on a calendar month basis. Your policy will generally start on the first day of the month in which you commence your course. Please refer to your policy dates listed on your CoE. Student visa holders must maintain OSHC for the duration of their stay in Australia. Students are not permitted to arrive in Australia before their OSHC begins. If you enter Australia before your policy commences you will be in breach of your student visa conditions.

There is a 12-month waiting period for coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. Find out what is and what is not covered by Overseas Student Health Cover by Allianz Care Australia .

OSHC policy number

If you have requested that ICTE or the university arrange your OSHC, you will receive an email from Allianz Care Australia with information on how to log into your OSHC account through the Allianz Care Australia website. You will need your OSHC policy number which can be found on your CoE.

Once you’ve logged into your account you can download the ‘Allianz MyHealth’ app’ on your mobile phone. The Allianz Care Australia website and app can be used to:

  • access your e-membership card
  • update your personal details, including passport number and nationality
  • submit a claim or check its status 
  • ready your policy
  • find a doctor (locally or online)
  • access emergency numbers
  • find local equivalents of brand name medicines.

Visit Overseas Student Health Cover by Allianz Care Australia for further information.

Help with claims on campus

An Allianz representative visits the UQ campus each week to assist students with enquiries and claims lodgement.