Help is available if you are sick or need to claim the cost of your medical care.

In an emergency

If you have a life-threatening health problem, dial 000 to call an ambulance. If you are on a Student Visa, the cost of an ambulance is covered by your OSHC. 

Personal Support

If you need to speak with someone about a personal issue then in the first instance contacts the Manager Student Services (go to Student Information level 4).

Student counselling and crisis support is now offered anytime on 1300 851 998 (UQ Counselling and Crisis Line).

This service is for students but staff who have concerns about students can use it 24/7 for guidance/assistance.

For further help, one-on-one crisis appointments can be arranged by calling the UQ Counselling and Crisis Line during the business hours of 8:30am-4:30pm.

Injured or very sick

If you are very sick or injured, take a taxi or Uber to 'Emergency' at the nearest hospital.

Do not go to hospital for normal things like coughs, flu or stomach aches as it is much more expensive than seeing a doctor outside of hospital. 

Missed classes due to illness

If you miss a class, visit reception to fill in a pink absence form.  You will also need to provide a medical certificate so ask the doctor for one when you are with them.  If you miss many classes, get advice from reception about who to talk with about your situation.

Allianz health cover and advice

If you have a student visa, we have probably organised Allianz health insurance cover for you. We recommend that you use the Allianz mobile app or website to get help if you are sick. Use the website or app to:

  • locate your nearest direct-billing doctor
  • submit a claim
  • contact the 24-hour helpline
  • find translations of medical terms
  • update your personal details.

An Allianz Global Assistance representative visits the UQ campus each week to assist students with enquiries and claims lodgement. Please contact the UQ St Lucia Student Centre for current visiting hours.

You can also contact Overseas Student Health Cover by Allianz Global Assistance directly.

  • Member Services and General Enquiries: 13 67 42
  • Claims: 1800 651 349
  • 24 Hour Emergency Helpline:  1800 814 781

Sick at home

To see a doctor near you, phone your local medical centre to make an appointment. If you need a doctor overnight, call the Home Doctor service.

Sick on campus

University Health Service

To make an appointment to see a doctor at the University Health Service book yourself in online or go to ICTE Reception on Level 5 for help.

The University Health Service is free for students who have Allianz Health Insurance cover (OSHC).  You must take your card or have the OSHC App to show you have cover or you will be charged a fee.

The University Health Service is located on the first floor of the Gordon Greenwood Building (Google Map).

Campus pharmacy

The Campus Pharmacy is located in Union Arcade (next to the food court) and sells prescription and non-prescription medication as well as general medical supplies.

Look after your valuable items

Thieves target the university campus. 

  • Keep your wallet, phone, passport, iPod and other valuable items with you at all times.
  • Do not leave valuable items in ICTE classrooms during break times.
  • Be careful when using the ICTE Learning Centre and UQ Library.
  • Report any suspicious people you see in the ICTE Building to your teacher or Reception.

Safety on campus

 Be connected and safe with UQ's SafeZone free app. It connects you directly to UQ Security, immediate on-campus emergency or first-aid support 24/7. Find out more and download the app.

f you are walking in quiet areas on campus at night you can call 'Unisafe' on 1800 800 123 to escort you. You can also use the Unisafe bus to travel around campus late at night. Find out more about Unisafe services.

ICTE emergency procedures

If you discover an emergency, such as a fire or someone who is hurt:

  • immediately tell your teacher or a staff member
  • if there is a fire, press the alarm button (break the glass).  Alarms are located near the exit on each floor level.

If the emergency hooter/siren sounds during class:

  • follow the instructions of your teacher or staff member
  • you will be sent to the grassed area opposite the Sir Llew Edwards Building. Find your teacher and stay with your class.

If the emergency hooter/siren sounds during break or lunch time or outside of regular class times - leave the building immediately.

Remember: never use the elevators during an evacuation.

Safety in Brisbane

Brisbane is a safe and welcoming city. However, when you are visiting any new city, it is important to follow a few simple tips to stay safe.

  • Never accept a car ride from a stranger.
  • Try not to travel on your own at night.
  • Before you leave home, make sure you know how you are going to get home and what time the last bus or train leaves at night.

More safety tips

Safety tips from the Brisbane City Council (YouTube, 2m:5s)