Do you need study support?

ICTE provides the following types of study support:

  • learning support to improve your self study skills
  • assistance with classroom issues

Learning support

Learning support can help you develop better self study skills and get more English in your day.

Attend workshops with the Learning Advisors to improve:

  • classroom skills in Australia
  • setting English study goals
  • study tips for improving vocabulary, writing, reading, listening and speaking
  • organising your study time

Go to the Calendar and click on the 'ICTE and UQ Workshops' tab for more information and to register.

Individual consultations are also available to get personalised help from Learning Advisors to help you improve your English study skills. See details below for booking information.

Assistance with classroom issues

Your Teachers

Talk to your teacher about study or class problems and options. To talk to your teacher, please make a time after class. 

Your Academic Manager

Talk to your Academic Manager about class and course changes.

To make an appointment with the Learning Advisor or an Academic Manager

Appointments can be booked using Student Hub

1. Log in to with your UQ student number and password (e.g. s4567891)

2. Choose the right type of consultation (meeting) for you:

Learning Support Consultation
BEP Consultation
GE, EAP, EIBC, and AECS Consultation

3. Choose an available time and day that suits you, then click "View appointment" and "Book now". Write what you want to talk about in the "Add comment" box. You will receive an email confirming your appointment.

4. Arrive on time for your appointment. Check your booking or email details.

If you cannot log in to the Student Hub website then make sure you are using your student number with the "s" in front of your username. The student number can also be found on your student card. Also, make sure you are not using Safari in "Incognito mode". If you still can't login then visit Client Services.

If you require additional information about ICTE Learning Support then contact the Learning Advisor.

Mental health including counselling

If you need to speak with someone about a personal issue then in the first instance contact the Manager Student Services (go to Reception).

Student counselling and crisis support is now offered anytime by telephone 1300 851 998 (UQ Counselling and Crisis Line).

This service is for students but staff who have concerns about students can use it 24/7 for guidance and assistance.

For further help, one-on-one crisis appointments can be arranged so that you can speak with someone in person by calling 1300 851 998 - UQ Counselling and Crisis Line during the business hours of 8:30am-4:30pm.

For more information about personal health and safety.