There are many online activities that you can take part in at a time and place convenient to you. These activities are a great way to:

  • Have fun
  • Practice English
  • Connect with other students at ICTE and UQ
  • Learn more about Australian Culture and History
  • Look after your well-being

All activities listed here are free to access, however, we recommend using an unlimited Wi-Fi connection to avoid charges from your internet provider. 

New activities will be added so keep checking this webpage for more things to learn and do. 

We also recommend you explore:

Young man sitting with a laptopThe following activities are available through ICTE to connect you with other students, make friends and practice English.


Use the Vygo App to find one of our friendly ICTE Conversation Volunteers, request a video call and practice your English through your phone!

Vygo is available to download for free on the AppStore and Google Play, or you can access through your internet browser at  It's simple to use and you can be ready to talk to a volunteer in minutes.  To get started:

  • Visit or download the App on your phone. 
  • Register for the App using your UQ email address and create a profile. 
  • Join the Conversation Volunteers program
  • Look at the profiles from our volunteers, find someone you would like to talk.
  • Send them a message and arrange a time and date to conduct a video call session.


UQ Virtual Village

Join the UQ Virtual Village to meet others from to build connections, join activites, ask questions, get advice and have fun within the UQ Community!  It provides a space for the community to come together in difficult times. 

The Village is filled with people to connect and support you. As well as lots of opportunities to talk to UQ students, there is a group just for ICTE Students where you can talk to students and student leaders from ICTE.    

You can log-in from anywhere in the world and connect with students, alumni and staff where and when it's most convenient for you.  


Typing on a laptopICTE Learning Advisors are always there to help you with any English language skills that you would like to develop. 

1-to-1 appointments

Get practical advice to help you meet your goals.  ICTE's friendly Learning Advisors are available to meet you for a 1-to-1 Advice meeting to help with anything related to your English learning.  Appointments last for 30 minutes, take place on Zoom and are free!  Make sure you book online using the link above. 


Learning Advice Workshops

Practise and learn new skills to improve your English with ICTE's friendly Learning Advisors and other ICTE Students. There are a number of workshops each week which will help you with key English skills.

Kangaroo up close to the cameraFind out more about all things Australia, including information on daily life and Virtual Tours.

See a Koala

See the Koalas at Lone Pine Koala Sancturary on live stream. Cameras will be broadcasting all day, every day and there are 8 different koala cameras you can view. As well as koalas, you can also see kangaroos, dingoes, reptiles, birds, raptors, platypus and animal training videos!


Virtual Tours of Australia

Explore some of Australia's most famous landmarks and destinations virtually!  Destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns Rainforests, National Parks, Uluru, the Twelve Apostles, Shark Diving, Whale Watching and more with this list of Virtual tours.

You can also take Virtual Reality Tours with the Qantas VR App and the Uluru Virtual Tour 


Watch Animals on Live Stream

Some of Australia's Zoos and Wildlife Sanctuary's have moved online!  See some of their best animals on live stream cameras including animals from Australia and around the world.  See the animals available below:


Queensland Museum

Explore the Queensland Museum with Google Arts and Culture.  You can take a virtual tour of the museum, including dinosaurs, animals, Sciencecentre and more as well as looking at online exhibits.  There are also tours of the Workshops Rail Museum and Cobb+Co Museum for heritage transport.


Explore Australian Art

Explore Australian, Indigenous, Asia Pacific and International Art collections with some of Australia's top galleries.  Art can be a great way to learn more about the history and culture of Australia. Learn more about the artists and their works below: 

Person sitting in meditationIt's important to take care of yourself including looking after your mental and physical well-being.  Try these online programs for ideas and advice on being your best you.

Brisbane Student Hub

Brisbane Student Hub is a free, welcoming support service for international students in Queensland.  They offer online and phone support in a number of areas including accommodation, employability, English language, study issues or mental health support.  

They also running weekly online Conversation chats and have a live show every Friday from 2pm.


UQ Health Care

UQ Health Care are offering telehealth consults for all students at UQ.  You can talk to a doctor by video who can help you with any issues relating to your physical or mental health.  You can book an appointment online or call +61 7 3365 6210. 


Uni Wellbeing Course 

The Uni Wellbeing Course gives you access to resources and case studies covering issues commonly experienced by students, such as:

  • stress
  • anxiety and depression
  • sleep problems
  • problem solving
  • assertiveness
  • procrastination.

You'll also have access to a counsellor who will support you throughout the course via telephone or a secure messaging system.



Yolo is a web-based program delivered by UQ Psychology which helps you to increase performance in all areas of life.  Through participating, you will:

  • Learn skills for living life to the fullest
  • Deal with life's challenges
  • Manage stress and Increase well-being
  • Raise emotional intelligence

It's free to take part in and you can participate anywhere on your laptop, tablet or phone

Virtual VillageThere are lots of things around UQ that you can join online!

UQ Virtual Village

Join the UQ Virtual Village - a new online platform that helps you to build connections, ask questions, get advice and have fun within the UQ Community.  It provides a space for the community to come together in difficult times. 

The Village is filled with people to connect and support you.  You can log-in from anywhere in the world and connect with students, alumni and staff where and when it's most convenient for you.  

There are also activities that you can join throughout the week, including discussion panels, dance classes and craft afternoons!


Your UQLife Online

Your UQLife Online brings together online workshops, services and events that you can access at UQ.  Make sure you also follow the UQLife Facebook page for updates and to hear about the latest things you can join.


UQLife Learning

Do you want to learn a new skill or do something that might help you in your career?

The UQLife team and partners from across the University are bringing you workshops, resources and other online opportunities to help improve your skills, both professionally and for fun.


UQ Clubs

Many UQ Clubs are live streaming or pre-recording activities that you can join.  These include:


UQ Library

The following video and streaming services are available through the UQ Library. Use your UQ Log-in details to access them.

  • Edu TV has a large database of Australian documentaries, films and TV programs.  Categories include Indigenous studies, business, current affairs, technology and much more. 
  • Kanopy has a collection of instructional videos, documentaries, interviews, films and more from Australia and around the world.  There are also a number of documentaries allowing you to find out more about Australian Indigenous history and culture.
  • TVNews allows you to be informed about the latest news, current affairs and documentary series on Australian television.